Plumbing with the landlord.

So, the renovations continue at our lovely home.  Yesterday, I was home early from work (because ambulatory clinics are AWESOME) and I get a knock at the door.  This is the conversation that ensues:

Landlord (herin LL): Hey there.  I think I am going to move your washer today to the other side of the laundry room.

Me:  Okay (while thinking he has told me this every day for the past week).

LL: I will probably have to shut off the water, so if you need to shower or somethin’ do it now.

Me: Okay (thinking it is 3 in the afternoon, why would I randomly decide to shower at this instant).

He leaves and the hammering and pounding that seems to enter through our walls continued for a period.  Then I hear another knock.  Which takes me about a minute to decide it is indeed a knock, as there are so many other thunking noises occurring.

Me:  Hi, here to shut of the water?

LL: Possibly. Depends on what I find in here.

He tinkers with our hot water heater

LL: I am going to have to come in.

Me: Uh, sure, come on in (panic… house is not that clean).

LL from our spare room/office:  I’m not sure which of these levers turns off the water, can you run the tap?

I start running the tap.  I hear grunts.

LL: Well, I guess I have to shut off the water to the rest of the house.  Oops.  Wife’s not gonna like this.

He disappears back into the laundry room for about 10 minutes.  He knocks again.

LL: I need your help with these here pipes.  You can tell Patrick you did some of the plumbing.

We laugh and banter while I hold pipes hand he attaches various things to them to hold pipes together.  While he does this, I notice he has chunks of wood all caught in his giant Santa-like beard.  This must be what Santa would look like in his workshop.  Nice.

He leaves again.  Returns to turn on the water and has me run the taps.

LL: So, the plan is while you guys are gone I am going to (approaching Patrick’s closet) take out the ceiling to get the old pipes out here.

He opens the closet door.  Patrick’s “heap” comes sailing out.  Two books and a bible land at his feet.

LL:  Wow, you don’t have him trained yet, hey?  Should send him back to his parents and only take him when he doesn’t have all this stuff like this here.  Do ya think you can get him to maybe put his clothes and stuff in boxes over Christmas?  So I can do that stuff.  Don’t want to get the black pipe crud or anything all over his stuff.  Or step on it.

So, I’m a bit embarrassed.

LL:  I’ll take down this wall here, make it more of a door.  then make the closet smaller.  Give you a bigger spare room.

Then, he proceeded to walk through the house explaining his new big plans for the apartment and renovations and such.  How he will then make the living room another bedroom after we leave and add open up the part of the basement that is currently theirs for a living room.  Then, they will charge more for rent, but the house could hold three maybe four people.  Asked me for how to get more med students here.  Asked us about our cable… We don’t have cable.  Internet.  Etcetera.  Eventually he made his way out announcing that this was a great break.

Gone for about an hour, then a knock at the door.  By this point I am annoyed with all the knocking.

Me: Hi.

LL:  So, I’ve got the washer all moved over.

Me: Great!  Thanks!  Can I do laundry?

LL: Well, actually not yet.  Do you happen to have your washer’s office user manual?

Me:  I am pretty sure it was in the laundry room on the shelf that you took down to move the washer.

LL with a puzzled look: Oh, I see.  Hmmm… I might have thrown it away actually.

Me:  Seriously?

LL:  Could you check if you have it?

I go and find the manual to our stove, fridge, TV, printer, the instructions on how to assemble our coffee table, and several manuals on putting up blinds.  No washer.

Me:  I couldn’t find it.

LL head in a giant garbage bag: Found it.  Whoops, thought it was our old one (on our side of the room?).

He leaves, satisfied.  Five minutes later, another knock.

LL: Do you happen to have a little tool to adjust the legs of the washer?

Me:  Um, not that I’m aware of?

LL: When you installed it?  I don’t have anything that seems to fit those things properly.  Everything is too long.

Me:  Sears came to install it.  I was at work.  I’m pretty sure Patrick didn’t stick around to observe.

LL:  Oh.  Well then… I bet my buddy down the street has one.   I’ll be back.

Ugh… back?  I leave in two days and need to do laundry.  I resume my book. No further knocks.

Then, this morning, I get up to attempt laundry.  He is outside building something.

Me:  Hey! Is it safe to do laundry today?

LL: Of course it is!  You never need to ask.  Its your washer.

Me: Okay, just checking.  Given all the adventure yesterday, I thought I should make sure.

LL:  I leveled the washer, it is level.  Unless you move the level… then its not.  Actually it was kind of odd.

Me:  Okay, thanks.  I guess we will see what will happen on the spin cycle.

LL:  Sure will!  No worries, I’m sure it will be fine.  I’m going to move my washer over today.

Me: Cool.

I put my laundry in.  Leave.  I come back to put that load in the dryer and the next load in the washer.

LL: Worked fine.  No shaking off its platform or anything.

Me: Great!  How is your stuff going?

LL: Good.  Just have to move a few pipes.

I am currently at the dryer.  I walk across to load the washer when I hear a snap and am sprayed full force in the side of the head with warm water.  As is the hamper of (thankfully) dirty laundry and the wall. He proceeds to stare blankly at the pipe.

LL:  Wow, that had more pressure than I expected.  Did I get ya?

Me:  A bit.

I am dripping.

LL:  Oh my, sorry about that.  You okay.  Good thing the water hadn’t run in a bit or it might have scalded you.  Real sorry about that!

Me:  No worries, I was about to go shower anyway.

I promise we did utter more words than these short sentences.  Mostly ramblings about the weather, him not being able to get rid of his wife, so he can work in peace, questions about when we leave for Christmas.  The usual.  Not significant to this adventure.

As far as I know, the laundry room is now in one piece… ish.

Life is definitely not boring in this place.  I would much rather live with this adventure than a lot of others.  Many people have bigger troubles than someone trying to fix stuff.  Plus, it is entertaining, for the most part.

Please, share your thoughts!

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