Good night… Errrr morning…

Well now… Today has somehow turned into tomorrow.  I have been out far too late at “The Bachelor” a joint bachelor and bachelorette party for two of my lovely friends getting married in two weeks!  It was a grand time of too much junk food and the game of “What?”  I intended to post before the party, but go caught up in some Europe trip planning and talking to the spouse prior to his departure to International Christmas and such.  Silly. So, this is a short post.  Intended for Friday, yet posted in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  I have choir practice at 9:30… It is going to hurt.  Coffee will be my friend.

So, because it is 1am and I am a bit overtired and giddy, I will share some things that crack me up in video form.

First off, flash back to childhood… The Yip-Yip aliens from Sesame Street.  I may or may not know all of the words to most of their skits… Voices, faces and all.  True story.

Next, on a related note… I love the muppets.  More particularly Beaker and the Swedish Chef.  I recently found this Christmas trio that they did along with one of Patrick’s favourites, Animal (if you want to waste time watching any of these… this is by far the most worthwhile, in my opinion… which matters because it is my blog).

Last but not least, for you medical people out there. as well as lovers of spoofs, I bring to you Wenkebach… (translation: Mobitz type 1 second degree AV nodal block… translation: cardiac arrhythmia).  Thanks to the class of 2010 from U of A for providing this musical learning/entertainment experience!


Good night/good morning!

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