Bracing for Christmas

Christmas Eve Day.  And the marathon of family events begin.  It is like Olympic training and competitive eating combined.  I look forward to it with joy and fear simultaneously.   I will post on our adventures and the ridiculous schedule after Christmas.

The Grinch. One of my holiday favourites and someone I can relate to at times.

I am savoring my last few “alone” minutes before I go into sensory overload and have to spend time resisting the urge to scream and flap.  This festive season induces a tad bit of stress in my generally sunny demeanor… Here are some of my stress sources:

  1. Noise.  Toys make noise.  People make noise.  They carry on multiple subsequent conversations at once.  Everyone feels compelled to play Christmas music in the background.
  2. Touch.  I hate being touched by strangers.  Or people that I know and don’t generally touch.  I hate prolonged touch by almost everyone.
  3. Christmas music/specials.  Its not that I hate them as individual entities, but there are only so many renditions of “Silent Night” or “A Christmas Carol” one can tolerate before things get monotonous.
  4. Being grilled.  People genuinely care and want to know about you.  I like that.  I do it too.  But, it gets frustrating when you explain for the 20th time where you live and what you are doing there and that you enjoy being married and that you have no clue where you will be next year.  Also, I don’t want to know about your medical troubles.  I don’t want to suggest treatments.  I am not yet a doctor and when I am, I still won’t really want to know.
  5. People who know my name and I have no clue who they are.  It happens at multiple family and church events.  I am not good with names.  They all know who I am.  I don’t know who they are.  Awkward.

Festive lights. Photo from

To counter this… I love things about the Christmas season:

  1. Music… This season is full of wonderful sounds.  So long as they don’t repeat.
  2. Family.  I don’t get to see many of our family and friends through the year.  Its great to catch up.
  3. Food.  I love food.  I like new food and food that I have eaten for a million years.  This is the season of well, gluttony.  I don’t mind.
  4. Being home.
  5. Lights.  Every year, we go out with my parents to look at Christmas lights.   I love Christmas lights.  They are pretty, yet tacky and rather interesting to gape at.
  6. Well, it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, which is pretty epic.  I mean He is God, but He is man.  Pretty cool.  Pretty mind-boggling.  Its not like someone could make that up.

That ends my festive rant.  For now, I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!



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