New Years… Up too late and making irrational life changes

I am not an especially festive person, though the number of posts I wrote about Christmas may make one think otherwise.  Celebrating the New Year is no real exception to this.  Why have an epic party to celebrate a date in which our calendar changes.  It is just a date that was picked by someone based on the moons or something ridiculous like that.  Definitely a festivity as silly and cheesy as Valentine’s Day.  Plus, you are forced to stay up way past your bedtime and make noise at midnight.  Then there is the kissing at midnight… ugh.

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.  ~Bill Vaughan

The start of the New Year is the prototypical “I am going to change myself” time of year.  Everyone seems to be coming up with something new to do or try.  There are a billion ads on TV about weight loss and exercise programs.  I am going to have to crowd my way into the gym when I choose to show up because the population increased by over 50% with people who will disappear again by mid-February.

Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.  ~Author Unknown

Its not that I am against self-improvement.  And one of the best ways is to have a determined date of change.  And accountability.  New Years resolutions give you that.  But why do them if they won’t stick.  And why January 1?  I much prefer random days like… December 13, for instance.  Or perhaps June 11, my Birthday.  Nonetheless all of this resolution talk gets me thinking.  Today, the message in church was about changes in the new year (well, sort of).   The pastor spoke on three main themes for the new year being store up, stir up and step up.

  1. Store up:  Jesus was an efficient guy.  He didn’t waste things.  See John 6:12.  There are things that have happened to us in the last year that we can value and look back on as learning point
  2. Stir up: Refer to Timothy 1:6.  Paul was giving Timothy a pep talk.  We have a purpose in our life.  We need to remind ourselves of that purpose.  Don’t get too comfortable.
  3. Step up: Be ready for action.  We have to be willing to act on things and not just what we do in public, but also in private.  We need to act on what is important and maintain focus.

These are lovely baselines for life changes.  Think about how the changes are honoring to God, not just yourself.

I am not setting any resolutions… I am anti-resolution.  Well, sort of.  But, over the course of this year I have a few plans.  One is to get tighter with God.  To really know Him, not only through reading my Bible more (this past year I finally read the thing concurrently and entirely, pretty exciting), but through prayer and quality time.  Another is to better serve others in my work by learning more and doing more.  Growing in my career.  Growing in my relationships.  All that stereotypical stuff.  But for real.  In other stereotypical things… I have some structured goals that I want achieve, but they aren’t exactly new.  I, of course want to be healthier and go to the gym more often than not (goal… twice per week minimum), maybe read more fun books (one per month minimum), try to write regularly (once per week).  I guess I know I can’t do all of those things.  At least not without God first and without serving others by an extent of the other things.  Basically I just want to grow and what comes of it will come hopefully, but not always meeting my little goals along the way.

Down with resolutions… Despite having made some… Sort of.

2 thoughts on “New Years… Up too late and making irrational life changes

  1. Your love/hate relationship with resolutions is charming. Cute read in a conflicted sort of way 🙂
    Have a blessed 2012, resolutions or no…either way you’ll be okay. Going for God may bring about the rest of it…

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