My best friend got married!

My best friend got married last week!  And I am as happy as if I got married myself.  I woke up the morning of the wedding (despite having a flaming migraine that night and being unable to sleep) frolicking (quite literally) around my house exclaiming, “My best friend is getting married today!”  The wedding happened to be over Christmas vacation (convenient given both parties are teachers, however, definitely an increased business factor over the already chaotic holidays).

I am not a big wedding person.  I look back on my wedding and say that it was the best day of my life because of what it means.  I actually don’t consider it a fantastic day.  It was stressful and tiring and it wasn’t even the epic event the weddings of most are (though it was bigger than I anticipated).  It is an important day because of what it means and I wouldn’t trade it for anything or change a thing (except maybe having my “kid sister” in the wedding party officially).  I never dreamed of my wedding with starry eyes.  I wasn’t even certain for most of my life that I wanted to be married.  I wanted to elope.  I don’t even like watching TV shows about weddings or dress picking or any of that stuff.  I wasn’t expected to be the first of my close friends to get married.  But life and God threw me a curveball and I am grateful for it because from all of the wedding chaos, I got Patrick.

My friend V who got married is my longest and closest friendship.  Our Dads worked together and we went to Christmas parties together when we were little.  We became friends in the 6th grade.  Most of my other friendships are extensions off of my friendship with her.  She is the outgoing one who convinced me to be friends with most of our other friends.  She is beautiful and funny and smart and loving.  Her family is my family.  When I got engaged, she told people before I did.  She did a lot to plan my wedding when I didn’t want to and pretty much wanted to kill her and all involved.  I have always said she deserves the best guy the world has to offer.  Last year around this time, she met him.  I actually didn’t get to meet him because I live so far away until a couple weeks before they were engaged.  She told me I would love him, as did her parents, so I trusted the whole thing.  From what I saw of Facebook, it seemed true.  He was funny and musical and caring.  He treated her how she should be treated.   When I met him, I got the feeling he was the one for her.  We can spend time with the both of them and it feels relaxed and normal.  Its like I have gained another friend fairly instantly.

The wedding was originally supposed to be in August this year, but got moved up to December… Excellent decision!  She was a beautiful bride.  It was a wonderful ceremony that included a reading from “The Places You Will Go” by Dr. Seuss and from the book of Ruth.  We had a great party after the reception with lots of dancing and loud obnoxious singing.  He serenaded her.  Like any weddings, some things didn’t go off according to plan or went off to provide some entertainment… She had a migraine on her bachelorette party, so she ended up in the ER while we were at her house getting our nails done.  Fortunately, the person doing the nails was fairly awful at it, so she was saved some tacky nails.  Mistakes in the bulletin prompted my younger twin and I to have to reprint all 200 of them.  We tied Coke bottles to the car (the groom’s favorite) and driving down to the highway for the reception/photos, the bottles shot off in the direction of the minivan we were driving behind them.  Her Dad forgot to put up the blusher after giving her away.  She said, “Dad, you need to life the blusher.”  He heard, “Do you put up the blusher?”  He replied, “I don’t know.”  She heard, “No.”  Her sister ended up putting it up once we got on the platform.  We all spent most of the ceremony staring a a piece of black lint on her train.  Our other best friend’s dress was a touch on the small size (this is what happens when you order dresses online from China that come in a plastic ball) and we had to stuff her into it, only for the zipper to split (from the bottom where it wasn’t tight) while getting pictures taken outside (it was -13 out).  Thankfully, our mothers sewed her back into the dress before the reception.  Some of the pictures were at this beautifully lit park where people go skating on an outdoor rink.  They cheered for us.  It was cool.  The photographer disappeared after the first bit of reception and missed taking pictures of the first dance/cake cutting… Thankfully, my camera and fake kid sister were to the rescue.  At the dance, I heard the father of the bride say something like “my moneymaker is broken” in response to his wife wanting him to dance with us to hip-hop music.  My dress was flowy enough I reenacted a scene from Mama Mia.  The bride wiped out and snapped the button holding her train on off… We found it and hid it down her dress (along with her something old and something blue)… We declared her a veritable treasure hunt.

Outdoor wedding pictures at a temperature of -13.

The next morning hurt from being up so late and having so much fun.  I am glad they are married.  And happy.

To top it all off, on Christmas Eve, our other best friend got engaged.  The kid/twin sister (third best friend if you want to get more realistic) is getting married in July.  Busy year.  Happy year.  I love seeing people being united for life.  I don’t love all of the details of weddings, but the joy of the people make up for it.

While writing this, a song came on iTunes that reminds me of the greatness of the marriage commitment.  One of my favorites.  “Dancing In the Minefields” by Andrew Peterson.


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