By a glassy sea

Today on the walk home from work, I heard a song that really struck me.  It was beautiful and meaningful in both melody and lyrics.  It is the song Holy (Wedding Day) by one of my new favorite bands, The City Harmonic.  First of all, it sings about the marriage of Christ and the Church.  A huge concept that sometimes boggles my mind.  The song describes a wedding by a glassy sea.  It builds on itself and becomes more powerful as it carries on.  Listen!



The ocean is something that has been important to me throughout my life.  I have always lived near the ocean.  Its something I can’t imagine being away from.  It is so big, so life-giving.  There is an astute possibility that I may have to move away from the ocean for residency.  That kind of makes me anxious.  The ocean is my favorite part of nature.

Here are some lovely ocean images I have been fortunate enough to capture over the years!

Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

Ocean-made caves

Found along the Cabot Trail

Fundy Trail

Beach along the Cabot Trail

Living on the edge

Can't get more east than this.




Sun set

On another note, there is going to be a Les Miserables movie (I am really distractable tonight… Likely due to the hours I spent staring in a microscope today).  Patrick was just reading about the cast.  Apparently Taylor Swift is in it.  Good for her.  Hopefully that will draw in some of those who would otherwise not see it.  Because it is an awesome book, and an even better musical, so everyone should see it, clearly.  And because I say so.  I am quite excited.  Makes me want to re-read the book.  And re-listen to the soundtrack from the musical.  And possibly resurrect the recording we did of our high school doing the show.  Okay, maybe not the last one.  Oh boy.

2 thoughts on “By a glassy sea

  1. I loved the song and the beautiful pictures. You posted on my blog and I followed your link here. I am always looking for music like this as I typically post praise & worship each week. God bless you and your husband!!

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