Path crazy and footwear follies

You’re like a caged animal.  -Patrick

Animal... Not caged. Image via Wikipedia

I am Path Crazy.  Patrick helped to qualify that this describes my current state… Similar to bat crazy, but caused by too much time in the pathology department doing too much of not much of anything.  Meaning I am shack-wacky from sitting in a room reading a textbook for most of the day because everyone was too busy/uninterested to teach me (the physicians I was assigned to today were less than keen on teaching).  I have been a bit crazy after work most days.  It comes from the whole being left to my own devices staring at slides for large chunks of the day.  So, I am a bit more giddy and chatty and such.  Almost too giddy and chatty and such.

Thus, this post may be a touch on the random side.

First of all, it snowed today.  Enough to give Patrick a snow day.  Enough to make me strap on my giant green poofy parka and these puppies:

The boots. Warm, dry, tacky and semi-uncomfortable. What isn't there to love? So long as I don't have to wear them all day.

Yes, I bought them intentionally.  With a coupon too.  I was drawn to the pink and orange sides.  Not so much the largeness or ugliness of them as a whole.  Plus, they are waterproof… Important in the soggy winters we have in this area.

I went off to work this morning ranting about winter and snow and cold and how there are no windows in the cave that is the lab, so I won’t actually know how much snow we are getting until lunch time.   It wasn’t until I got in to the hospital that I realized I was missing something.  Well, my lunch for one thing, but I realized that when I left the house (I forgot to make one last night… oops).  My bag was light, but my feet were heavy… And a bit uncomfortable.  Yes, I forgot shoes.  I dragged my feet (quite literally… those boots are heavy) to my locker where I discovered my other option.  I have this delightful pair of knock-off grey converse sneakers.  They are several years old and dirty.  I wear them to the OR and on call… They go well with scrubs.  Not so much dress pants.  Grey dress pants.  But not the same shade of grey… Enough that they would clash.  Nonetheless, the prospect of wearing sneakers all day seemed better than giant winter boots, so on they went.    I went most of the day without anyone noticing (or at least saying something), though I noticed every pair of shoes everyone was wearing.  Then, at the end of the day, I was on the hunt for the person who was supposed to be teaching me something, when another pathologist, who I don’t know, said, “nice shoes… forgot real ones, eh?”  Busted.

The shoe error happens often to me.  Different versions.  Another classic is forgetting to bring OR shoes (thus the pair that have now taken up permanent residence in my locker).  Then, you end up wearing cute little flats with scrubs.  And people point out that you probably shouldn’t do that because the tops of your feet are exposed.  Yum, body fluids in your shoes!

A few years ago, when I first moved here, I had four roommates.  All girls.   As you can imagine, there were a lot of shoes.  So, this one morning, I was getting ready to go catch the bus and I was in a bit of a hurry, so I put on my shoes (in the dark, of course) and head to school.  Whilst sitting on the bus, I realize one of my feet feel funny.   That was because I was wearing two different shoes.  And one of them was not mine.  It was clinical skills day.  How professional.

Mix-ups like my shoe things don’t happen much in the path lab.  They check, check and recheck everything semi-obsessively.  And with good reason.  Mixing up specimens is significantly more critical than mixing up shoes.  In fact, they reject everything that is improperly labeled or mismatched. Last year, they rejected something like 200 Pap smear specimens because of incorrect or missing information on the labels and requisitions.  Its a good reminder to be more careful with documentation, not just with specimens, but in all areas.  Mistakes happen.  Although, I might argue that at face value, the specimens would be easier to mix up than a pair of shoes, though the specimens significantly more critical.

I am not the only one to inadvertently wear two different shoes... though mine was more subtle. This is Patrick sporting two very different shoes on the way to one of our wedding showers.

In other news… Patrick surprised me with a shoveled driveway, flowers and cooked supper tonight.  A product of his snow day productiveness… And the fact that it really didn’t snow that much at all.  What a welcome to someone going a little path crazy.   This is why God gave me someone who is not and has no interest in becoming a doctor and happens to get snow days.  So that I get little hints of real-world sanity when I emerge from the cave.

The flowers. That are so green they look artificial in a water bottle (we really need to get another vase). I love them!

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