Embracing my inner hipster… To avoid actually being a hipster… Sort of…

I was out shopping for interview clothes today.  That is enough to kill me softly.  I hate shopping (except for books).  I love wearing business suits.  I don’t buy them because I am cheap and they aren’t especially fun.  And I wear dresses most of the time.  I still have the suit I wore for med school interviews.  And I will wear that as one of my selection for this round, but I needed another one or two to help  with reducing the frequency of laundry on the road.   I like to throw some color into my outfits, so I got a dark pink and a purple shirt to wear with the suits.  I hate being too plain, though I am not a fashionista or anything of that sort.  Not that inclined.  I just like to be myself.  The highlight of the trip was getting coffee with Patrick and looking at some of the clothes that are out that I might consider buying when they are on sale in the spring.

I remembered while being out and feeling kind of drawn towards a cute messenger bag and bright orange jacket that I love the sometimes smaller or more unique trends.   If asked, I would argue (and some would agree) that I am not a trendy person.  While out on a Indigo/Starbucks date with the Child (fake little sister), we had a discussion, while looking at calligraphy mugs and notebooks with owls on the cover about how her fiancé, D, says she is a hipster.  He feels that because she is drawn to what is mass produced as “unique” and little stationary, household and clothing items that are a bit different and a little useless she is a hipster.  We have virtually the same tastes, so that means I am too.  At the time, I disagreed.  Hipsters are a trend and we are nothing like them.  As we sipped coffee from Starbucks and discussed the latest Indie bands we think are interesting.

Over the past few weeks, though, I am starting to notice that some of my tendencies are “hipster” in nature.  I have purple cat eye glasses.

See... The glasses.. And evil red eyes. Clearly hipster.

I own a messenger bag.  And skinny jeans.  And many, many cardigans.

I own a bag that looks almost just like this. Image from http://www.adoredaustin.com

I love indie music and actually have said that I liked a band before it became mainstream.  I mock Nickelback and Third Day music for sounding all the same and redundant and praise bands like The Black Keys, She & Him and singers like Ingrid Michaelson and Kate Walsh.

The drummer from the Black Keys and lead singer of Nickelback... Image from loud wire.com. Click on image to read article on the controversy based on comments from the Black Keys drummer about Nickelback's popularity accompanied by redundant music.

I read trendy books and literature.

Hipster reading material. Interestingly this image is from hipsterchristianity.com. Apparently, there is a book called Hipster Christianity... Who knew?

I prefer vegetarian and international foods.

Image via Wikipedia

I drink inordinate volumes of coffee and frequent cafes.

Image from ilovecoffeebook.com

I like some of the fun quotes.

Image from weheartit.com. There are quite possibly millions of things like this.

I like to get the novelty stationary items and household décor (only when they are on sale).

I love notebooks. I have little use for them in my current place/time of education. I still want them. Image from dimity.com.

I make up words.  I am well-educated.  I am sarcastic.  I write a blog.  I actually do about 50% or more of what WikiHow suggests to do in order to be a hipster.

How to be a hipster from WikiHow. Not me at all, but humorous imagery.

Hipsters are other things that I am not.  I am not a bitter person or anti-government or anti-most things person (though this post may suggest I am anti-label… ooops).  I hate most indie films.  I don’t buy vinyl, but prefer electronic versions of my music.  I do think many of the quotey things are stupid.  I don’t wear all of the hipster style (working in a hospital precludes this).  I consider myself well groomed.  I wear pants (or at least something that covers the lower half of my body).  Plus, many hipsters are stereotyped as those in colleges living off of their parents’ money, etc… I am quite self-sufficient and a contributing member of society.  The majority of my friends are definitely NOT hipsters.

The one thing I did, but am stopping this instant is deny I am a hipster.  Maybe I am.  Possibly due to what I like and choose to be interested in at this point in my life.  The thing is that being hipster is increasingly more mainstream.  Maybe not in its purest sense, but in the poser world.  I think I am more of a hipster poser.  Without meaning to be.  Hipsters apparently shouldn’t describe themselves as hipsters.  I don’t really fit into their box, but I think if I had to pick one, that might be it (or big nerd for actually taking the time to analyze this).

The term hipster is now describing many things.  Including faith perspectives and medicine.  The current Jesus>Religion video has be called hipster by some viewers.   I quite liked the perspective offered in the video and the thought it provoked.  Others felt it represented a trend of people falling away from the church and trying to find God themselves.  I will say that I agreed that religion is what hurts people and that this is separate from faith and going to church.  If that is hipster, so be it (on an aside, I took an “Am I a Christian Hipster” quiz while researching for this post… I am only minimally-moderately Christian hipster and based on some of the views on the site, I am okay with that).  I also heard a physician say that some new styles of medical practice are “hipster” when they incorporate all and any alternative medicine practices.  My practice may therefore be a touch on the hipster side.  If it makes a patient feel better and it isn’t harming others or go against any significant ethical/legal standpoints, then I will probably at least consider the option and look into it.

I quite dislike labels and considering myself one thing or another.  So do hipsters apparently according to WikiHow.  Nonetheless, I feel like I shouldn’t label myself as anything other than Trisha.  Medical student, daughter, wife, friend, follower of Jesus, flutist, saxophonist, singer, volunteer, etcetera just say what I do or who I am associated with.  Saying hipster is another thing like that… I like weird music, the color orange and interesting little doo-dads.  I hate shopping, hypocrisy and bananas.  Who really cares?  Labels are own way of putting people in boxes.  For our personal benefit.  They don’t really help us and often they hurt us.  We are all people and we are all unique, even if some of our likes or dislikes are similar and possibly even, in a strange sub-culture, trendy.

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25 thoughts on “Embracing my inner hipster… To avoid actually being a hipster… Sort of…

  1. Trisha, thanks for linking my post on the hipster fountain pen!

    I’m gonna say you’re at least “half-hipster” (my own term!). Sounds like you have some of the characteristics. I must say, I’m probably in the same boat, only I’m an old guy – early 50’s – but very young at heart. 🙂

    This is a great post, btw. Love how many traits you examined, including Christianity. Very cool.

  2. I secretly aspire to be a hipster. Alas, I never will. I’m middle aged and I still say words like “Cool,” which makes my teenagers cringe and/or vomit a little in their mouths.

    But I do read Chuck Klosterman. So as if I didn’t like you immediately for commenting on my blog, I like you even more knowing you read Chuck. He’s the writer I aspire to be and never will, but that’s okay. Somebody has to be the middle aged frump who exudes earnest warmth on her blog, so it might as well be me.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by today!

    • Nice! I still say words like “cool” as well. Fortunately some people still mistake me for a teenager and thus I remain socially semi-acceptable.
      I have to be honest with you. While I intend to read Chuck Kosterman, I have not. This was an image of books (of which I have read about 50% of) I found on a the Hipster Christianity website. I now, however, want to read his books even more after such a glowing review and recommendation. Sorry to have led you astray.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Too funny. I only knew you were around via Facebook and then decided to see what you were writing. Thanks! I have to admit, I love my purple glasses too.

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  4. I am just old, for I am only now learning what a hipster is. Sigh. Is there such a thing as a stealth hipster? Maybe I could be that.

    Loved this post. =)

    By the way, you liked one of my posts on Gospel Apprentice. Thank you!

    • Thanks for visiting and for following my blog!
      Glad you liked the post. I don’t think there is a stealth hipster… But you could pretend. Or be the one to start the trend. 🙂
      I like what you wrote. I will stop by to read more!

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