Blizzards, lemons and planes… That about sums up my day.

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You know the saying… When life gives you lemons… Make lemonade.  Well, I once heard and loved the alternate to this… Cut them into quarters and squeeze them into other people’s eyes.  Not that I generally want to make other people more miserable than I, but it is kind of funny.  And makes me feel significantly better.

Why am I talking about lemons, might you ask?

Well, my flight home got cancelled last night.  Due to a blizzard.  That had yet to actually start, though all of the airline staff swore it did.  Patrick lives 10 min from the airport… No storm… Just a little flurry.  Perhaps some wind.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Nonetheless, we couldn’t even go and try to land.  People were bitter.  I was bitter.  I had been up since 4am and looking forward to going home all week.  But, no dice.  There are some conspiracy theories floating around, but overall people just settled on the fact that we weren’t getting out last night.

The kind folks at WestJet put us up in hotels.  I was one of the few that were sent to a Hilton.  This is pretty exciting given that I haven’t actually stayed at a Hilton before.  Not like I cared a lot, but still cool.  I think it might have been that I looked like I was going to cry when they said the next possible flight was 24 hours later (tonight).  Who knows?  They also gave me food vouchers… That I didn’t use that night given my main goal was sleep.

The hotel shuttle was yet another adventure.  The four of us going to the Hilton (well, the four of us stupid enough to wait at the shuttle area like you are supposed to) watched the Comfort Inn van come 4 times.  That was about 20 minutes of outside waiting for a bus that was coming “right away.”  We had a running joke about walking to the hotel or sharing a cab or perhaps hijacking the Comfort Inn van.  It was cold and dark and the people I was waiting with were supposed to be headed to Orlando (their flight was overbooked) and were not dressed for the occasion.

At long last, I got to the hotel.  And after crying like a child for a good 20 minutes, I discovered the TV.  They had one of my favorite movies from my later teens.  So, I watched that until I fell asleep and woke up again to call Patrick.

This morning I realized the place was quite nice.  Except for one thing… My curtains didn’t close.  This happened to me in Winnipeg too… There are sheers and curtains.  But the curtains are on short tracks that don’t meet anywhere near the middle.  WHY?  So, the light from outside comes in and you can’t exactly change with comfort in the room?  Odd.  If you are going to take the effort to have curtains they should be fully functional.  Especially in a place like the Hilton.

I slept in until 10:45 and stayed in bed until 11:30, despite the fact that I was putting myself at risk for a migraine.  It was too comfy and I was too bitter.

Now, I am back at the airport.  Where they gave me even more food vouchers and told me my ones from last night are still good.  $50 in food.  I don’t normally eat that much in a whole day.  So, I got a big combo from Burger King (comfort food).  I am now waiting until mid-afternoon to go get some Starbucks.  Supper tonight at one of the airport pubs, I suppose.   Mmmm… Food!  As Patrick said, “the way to your heart is food.”  So, they were smart in the voucher idea.  At least with me.

I also made a friend.  He is one of the many, many people from around home that work out west and was going home for his week off.  He tore onto the plane from Toronto late due to late connections, but made it.  Big guy, strong accent and wearing a Montreal Canadiens hat.  We were instant buddies, like most people from around home are.  Plus, he was a Habs fan… Instant conversation.  We now wave and give each other spouse driven weather updates whenever we bump into one another at the airport today.  Thank goodness for friendly people.

Cruel irony.. It is sunny and beautiful at the Halifax airport.  I am sitting in the observatory listening to the airport birds and enjoying the sun… Yes.. Airport birds.  Crazy thing is that they really have a few birds that are like airport pets in the non-secure area.  Kind of therapeutic.

Airport bird. It just took me 5 tries to get a picture of this little guy. And several dirty looks from another man sitting nearby. So worth it.

The thing that is unfortunate is that living on an island, transportation is limited.  Boat or plane.  Boat isn’t an option in blizzards and the driving/boating time would take me until at least Monday.  Planes get cancelled.  It makes us remember we want to be back on the mainland.  Really, really want to be back on the mainland.  In other places, you can drive before things get too bad, or take a bus (if the bus lines aren’t on strike) or even trains.  How amazing would that be?  Travel options.  Such a luxury.

I will close with some mood music…


2 thoughts on “Blizzards, lemons and planes… That about sums up my day.

  1. I like the dividing the lemons and squeezing them. I’d have no qualms about imagining my targets after a day of telemarketing phone calls (which I didn’t answer), client work driving me crazy, and yet another administrative thing in either my business or personal life getting messed up by someone else.

    And I like to travel by train.



    Only Child Writes

    • The lemons thing sounds so tempting at times, its true!

      Trains are cool. I want to travel in them more often, but there are no railways where I live currently, let alone to where I live. One day I will travel by train more often. I anticipate sunshine and rainbows and all sorts of happiness when I do.

      Take care!

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