Chiac, questionable bilingualism and a musical interlude

Day one in Montreal.  I left St. John’s after only being there for approximately 30 hours… I have worked longer call shifts… Just saying.  At least I got home and did laundry and saw Patrick and most of my non-school friends.  Plus I got to go to church.  It was quite lovely.  And exhausting!

This will be a short one as I have to get sleep pre-interview.  It had no general theme or flow, as I just wanted to recap a few thoughts before I forgot again.  I had an hour an a half nap this afternoon because I was so tired I felt ill.  Pretty impressive for someone who generally doesn’t nap.

Since arriving in Montreal, I have realized that my French is very rusty.  I am self-conscious of my French, given that despite my Francophone roots, I have a very English accent, as my primary language is English.  I took the equivalent of university French in High School and did very well.  Problem is that since high school, beyond the odd conversation with family and a french patient, I don’t use my French, and when I do it is definitely maritime slang French, aka chiac.  So, I realized that simple things like ordering from restaurants or hanging out with bilingual residents draws attention to my underused French and unusual dialect of choice.

I want to improve on this.  I’d like to take a course in medical French and maybe get speaking it more, so that I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious and nervous about using what French I have.

I drove past the Bell Center today… It was epic.  Too bad I didn’t have my trusty camera available.  One day I will go in and see the Montreal Canadiens play… One day… And hopefully they will win.

Supper was great… We went to a trendy restaurant with delicious food.  The majority of residents came out… Always impressive.  There are 8 of us interviewing tomorrow.  Problem was that this restaurant is loud… It has music that, throughout the course of the night grew progressively louder… And louder.  You couldn’t carry on conversations beyond the person beside you.  Made me want to scream and flap, though, I refrained and just looked semi-distressed.

Lastly on an awesome music note, OK Go has a new video out on YouTube that is quite awesome with regards to the use of random things for music, including a car!   I love their style in general and the use of instruments and original sound.  We don’t always get a lot of this these days with our modern sound mixers and electronics.  

They also have a fabulous music video… And my favourite all time song of theirs that involves a marching band.  Given I played and taught a marching band for a ton of years, this is near and dear to my heart (feel free to judge).  

Please, share your thoughts!

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