Buh buh buh bennie and the jets… And a curling iron.

I had one of those mornings this morning.   And it involves an amazing Elton John classic.

I decided (somewhat stupidly) to curl my hair.  Now, I like my hair curled.  I do not like to make the effort to curl my hair.  I, however, was embracing my vacation and decided that where I had nowhere to be and nothing better to do, I would curl my hair.

My parents were out, so I turned up my iTunes, put on some classics and got to work.

I have freakishly thick hair.  Quite lovely, but it makes for a tough curl.  So, it takes a while.  And I get bored and distracted.

At one point I began using the curling iron as a microphone.  And dancing around badly.  Until I burnt a finger and tripped.

Okay, really I carried on after all of that happening.

Then, the song “Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John came on.  Now, that is a great song.  Something about the beat that makes it ridiculously fun to sing and dance along to.  Plus, after watching 27 Dresses, the song has a new entertainment value when I remember the famed scene.   Cracks me up every time.  Even when I was listening to the song alone in the airport on my iPod.

All that to say that I am glad nobody was home or witnessed that action.  Except God.  And He is used to my antics.  He created me to be that way.  Or at least lets me be that way.

It was stormy out here today.  Everyone is claiming I brought the weather from where Patrick is.  I have hardly been there long enough to have done that.  The stormy weather definitely put a damper on the hair.  And the winter carnival festivities.  But more on those another time.  At least I get to enjoy the Habs-Leafs game on my parents’ giant TV.

What songs do you love to rock out to?

One thought on “Buh buh buh bennie and the jets… And a curling iron.

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