Prayer and your local sports team

Celebrating the first goal of the 5-0 win last night. Image via

The Montreal Canadiens have had what is now a four game winning streak.  Now, to people who are non-Habs fans this is not exciting.  But, this is the worst season in a very long time.  And the much beloved (and/or hated) Montreal Canadiens are in danger of missing the playoffs.  Okay, really, odds are they won’t make the playoffs.  Because they have really sucked this year.  At everything except penalty killing (woot, number one on the PK).

Anyway, they one 5-0 against Toronto which gives two points that are much needed, another two kind of figurative points, as they are in the same conference and a moral victory.  Plus, it is a four game winning streak.  And Gomez finally scored.  Pretty huge for this year.

Earlier this week, the Catholic Diocese in Montreal put out newspaper ads asking people to pray for the Montreal Canadiens.  It seems to be working.

The ad from the gazette. Image via the Toronto Star.

The whole premise is fairly interesting.  The two big religions of Montreal, Catholicism and the Habs combining.  Patrick told me that he heard when he was in Montreal, he heard of someone writing a thesis or doing a course on how religion is similar to the local hockey fandom.  I would say that is fairly true.  The following, routine, and ritual is similar to that of many traditional religions.  Except the deity is hockey (aka the so-called hockey gods) as opposed to God.  So, asking people to pray for the team to God is interesting.

If God cares about us and what happens, then He must care about hockey.  But does He care enough to intervene to make a team win? A team that people follow more closely than Him?  Could the whole thing change how people see God?  God answers all of our prayers, but how do we interpret his answers to these prayers?   Could He use this for greater good?

Well, it is God, so anything is possible, but the whole notion is just wild to me.  Sure, it would be great to see the Habs win and sure God could make it happen, but the whole newspaper ad thing cracks me up.

The response to this has been mixed.  I read a few articles that have described the whole thing as an antic to get people back in church, or that it shows that people who pray are crazy.  I have also heard people say that this is something that could show the power of God or that it might be something to plant a seed to get people truly back in a relationship with God.

I think it is cool.  I also think that the Habs need all of the help they can get.  And it is an interesting depiction of society and how religions, media and sports impact our lives today.

But yay for winning streaks.  There are more important games to come.  I guess we will wait and see what comes of the team, and the prayer ads.

2 thoughts on “Prayer and your local sports team

  1. Prayer is a powerful thing and if God wants to use the Habs to show that to people I’m all for it! 🙂 If nothing else it gets people talking about prayer and God. Never a bad thing in my humble opinion!

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