A few of my favourite things

Today, I went to a fabulous little establishment called the Gypsy Tea Room with a few of my school friends. First of all, if you are ever in town and want a great little place to try, this is one I recommend. Indonesian chicken statay… Need I say more?

Seeing old friends is always something that makes me feel good inside. We were attached at the hip our first two years of med school, but with all of the travel that we are now required to do during clerkship, our meetings have sometimes been few and far between. Today was the first time I have seen these two lovely ladies since Christmas and September, respectively. It was exciting. Lots of stories about our CaRMS adventures, families and future plans. We spent half of the time making plans to take our families out for supper during graduation week, brunch plans for Sunday after church and the other half with the stories and yes, eating!

Some things in life provide good comfort. They just make you feel good, no matter what you are feeling.

  • Fleece and flannel. This doesn’t do it for everyone, but I am a big sensory person… If I can feel something soft, I am immediately calmed. If I put it up against my nose (not to smell, to feel), it can still make me fall asleep (I did this when I was a small child… still works).
  • Good music. The right song for the right mood… You know, the perfect song… The one that expresses exactly how you feel or want to feel. Music does, of course calm the savage beast.
  • Good friends. As I said before, spending time with people you really like, especially those with similar experiences is therapeutic. It is great to be able to be yourself and laugh and joke and be brutally honest.
  • Lattes. I like tea. I find it quite tasty and relaxing, but coffee or, even better, a latte can provide comfort beyond what tea can provide. I like the taste and the smell. Plus, I associate lattes with studying or reading (not always relaxing, but the ambience of a café combined with leisurely reading is fabulous).
  • Cuddles. This requires a disclaimer. I do not like being touched by most people. Really don’t like being touched. It overwhelms me. I like my space. But, for some bizarre reason, one of my love languages is apparently touch. I guess I only let people I really like touch me. And I have to really, really like you to let you touch me often. I, however, love spending time on the couch curled up with the spouse reading or watching TV or talking. Never gets old. Always feels good.
  • Food. Patrick claims that food is the way to my heart… Kind of like a man. And it is true. Good food wins me over and makes things better.
  • Peter. Yes, the two books in the Bible. I was assigned these on my days on the executive for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. They purpose was to have each exec member get to know one or two books of the Bible really well and really in depth. Our staff worker picked them out for us quite prayerfully and purposefully. Peter suits me in many ways. We are similar people, me thinks. Anyway, I know the book inside and out. It contains many verses I love. When I get anxious or tired or almost anything, it is my go-to reading point. I must have read the two books fifty times during CaRMS interviews.
  • Good books. I mean really good books. The kind you get lost in. The kind you don’t have to think too hard to read.
  • The ocean (or any large body of water). I love being near the water. I have lived my entire life in coastal communities. When I am away for a while, I miss it. I like the sound, the smell and simply having the option to go down by the water. Plus, I like how being near the water modifies our climate.

These are just some of the things that are strangely comforting and relaxing to me during times of stress, as well as just in every day life. They are especially good in combination, for instance, lattes and food with good friends near the ocean. Perhaps with some background music. And maybe a flannel suit. If only flannel suits were socially acceptable beyond bed time…

Reminds me of a song… I bet you already know the one I am thinking of… From the Sound of Music…

I believe that God gives us gifts that are sometimes so simple and yet provide the most comfort. It is amazing how we can be so caught up in the business of life and how such a simple thing can make us stop and catch our breath. Sometimes, it seems easier to rush on, but really, those simple little things can make everything just a bit better, even when life is going well.

What are some things that you find to be a great comfort or simple pleasure?

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