Post-A-Day? This is war… Or foolishness.

Heads up!

I am being one of those ridiculous people who is posting numerous posts on the same day. Not that there is anything wrong with it.  But because it is something I, in general don’t have time for… And I just think it is as easy to wait for the next day.

But today, I am playing catch up…

I am trying to do Post-A-Day 2012, as evidenced by my new badge.

A few thoughts go through my head when I do this.

  1. Trisha, are you crazy?  You hardly have time to eat some days.
  2. I can totally do this.  I am posting more days than not.  It will be, to quote Barney from HIMYM, “Legen… Wait for it… Dary.”
  3. This is ridiculous.  You are a medical student.  You need to move in a few months.  And then you will be an intern.  The hospital will eat you.  You have a spouse.  He needs your uneaten parts.
  4. Lots of people just post a video or quotes some days.  I can do that.  Or write catch-up posts.  Or just miss a day.  There really is no contract I am signing.  Even though psychologically, I will see it as a contract.  It works for other parts of my life.
  5. On a related note, if it gets ridiculous, I can just take the little widget down and pretend this never happened.

Yes, I am bat crazy.  No need to restate that.

So, despite my anal-retentiveness, I am going to go for the post-a-day, because post-a-week is just too easy and obvious.  It will be a stretch.  And likely it will turn out to be a “post-a-most-days,” but why not give it a try.

My apologies to all of you who don’t care about this entire discussion.  I know.  This blurb was more for my benefit than anyone else.


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