Alphabet soup… The ABC award.

The Barefoot Med Student nominated me and a few other very interesting medical student blogs for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award.    Check out her blog here for all kinds of awesomeness!

Like everything in life, there are rules:

  1. Share something about yourself using each letter of the alphabet.
  2. Pay the award forward to however many.

August.  The month I got married.  Which was something that many including myself thought would not happen for a very long time.  But then it did.  And that makes me very, very happy.

Books.   Things that take me to other worlds and keep me informed.  I would miss them very much if I didn’t have them.  I probably own too many.  

Coffee.  My beverage of choice.

Ducks quacking.  The sound my phone makes when I receive a text message.

Earwigs:  An irrational fear.

Frollicking:  One of my favourite verbs.  Because it sounds fun and it is fun.

Grapes:  I just finished reading the Don Cherry hockey stories book.  That is the first G-word that came to mind.

Hungry:  Something I am often.  Food is one of the ways to my heart, you know.

Island:  I live on one of these.

Joyful:  Something I try to be every day.

Kit Kat:  Something my grandmother tries to give me five of every time I visit.

Learn:  What I try to do every day.

Migraine:  Something that I and many others deal with far too often.  Thanks to the miracle that is Verapamil prophylaxis and Sumitriptan, these have become much more liveable of late.

Needles:  The things I need to knit.  Currently working on a dishcloth.  Easy and absentminded.

Olives:  Green ones are delicious, black ones are an abomination.  In my opinion.

Patrick:  The name of my spouse.  If we put our names together, we are Patrisha.  We should be superstars, so people can use it.  Clearly.

Quelf:  My favourite board game… EVER!

Rainbows:  Make me happy, contain all of my favourite colours and are the subject of a ridiculous Hillsong Kids song that I love to do actions to.

Saxophone:  My first musical instrument and always my first love (sorry Patrick).

Trombone:  The instrument that I would have had to play if I hadn’t chosen the saxophone.  Sax seemed the lesser of the two evils.  It was not as tall as me when stretched.

Umbrella:  Something I have always wanted to have in pretty, fashionable colours.  But, unfortunately, I live in a place where umbrellas are rendered useless by the constant high winds.  Only tourists use umbrellas… And get laughed at.  I tried once (with a not pretty one) and almost pulled a Mary Poppins.

Varicella zoster:  I had a lovely case of this on my 8th birthday.  Despite that, we went to the circus with me covered in calamine lotion.  It was awesome.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:  My all time favourite movie.

X-rays:  I have had many of these.

Ytrium-99:  One of my favourite isotopes.

Zamboni driver:  I had an orthopaedic surgeon tell me that because I wanted to be a radiation oncologist, I would be a (explicative) zamboni driver.  Just smoothing over the things everything else misses.  I was mildly offended, but it was a fairly ridiculous metaphor, so it is still funny to me.

I am going to nominate a couple of the great blogs of no specific genre that I view from time to time.

Well, that was fun.

That is it for award-type fun for now.  Check back tomorrow for the regularly scheduled programming.

5 thoughts on “Alphabet soup… The ABC award.

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