The Match

Brrrrrrrrr (*Drum roll sounds*)

Yesterday was Match Day.

It was the longest morning of my life… At least one of them.

We distracted ourselves with Modern Family, HIMYM and yes, Full House re-runs.  As time drew closer, we watched some videos of the Muppets, namely Beaker, the Yip-Yip Aliens and the Swedish Chef.  The last moment before opening my account was spent teaching Patrick about tympani solos, yes, tympanis.

Anyway, at precisely 1:31 local time (foolish living on the east coast and blame the 1 minute on the whole tympani thing), I logged in to my CaRMS account.  And it worked!  First try!  Not like in my dream.

The screen flashed up in front of me reading D___ University / Radiation Oncology.


First choice program in my first choice location!  We are going to be so much closer to home and friends and at a program I loved!

After much excitement here in the M household, I set out to take a picture of the screen with my phone (because the concept of an actual screen shot was beyond me at that point).  I failed the first three times because I was shaking that much.  I sent the picture off to my three best friends at home (though one of them is currently spending March Break in Cuba… Lucky lady).  I called my parents.  Who were thrilled.  I emailed family, my small group, my other mothers.  I posted my Facebook status.

It was huge.  What a relief.

Patrick likes to point out to me that all of this worry has not made me taller, nor wiser.  But, what can I say.

I then sat back and waited for texts from school friends and Facebook statuses.  I have a few other people from my class going to the same city for their residencies.  Some of my closest friends are going to stay here, go to Thunder Bay and Ottawa.  A lot of them are going to Ottawa.  Which is great.

Unfortunately, not everyone got his or her first choice place.  It is disappointing.  Not everyone got his or her first choice program.  It is also disappointing.  Being there for those friends is so important at this time.  You feel bad for being so happy.  But fortunately, the people who were disappointed, at least from my immediate group are still doing things they love, just maybe not in the place they hoped for.

A few people in my class did not match.  This is more difficult to swallow.  Some applied to limited places, others did not.  The good part is, there is a second round.  The sad part is that there are not as many options.   It is so hard to see this happen to our friends and colleagues.  Again, when the mood is predominately excited.  But we encourage and console.

We pin our names and locations up on a giant map of Canada in the student lounge and eat cookies.  We go out for fancy supper at The Keg.  We go downtown to a bar for drinks and celebrations.  There is much hugging and screaming.  Despite my happiness for matching, the hugging and screaming makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  Yay for everyone, but we made an early-ish escape to home to celebrate on our own.

Nonetheless it is great.  And exciting.  And relieving.

I am going to be a Radiation Oncologist.  And live on the mainland.  Closer to many people I care about.  But farther from others.  We will miss it here for certain, but it is early to think of that.  I still have a month of rotations, then Back to Basics, the LMCC and grad to concern myself with yet.

God is so good!  He has put us where He needs us to be and it is right where we want to be.  We trust the details will fall into place as we seek out housing and all of that good stuff.

In summary, I matched, I am going to be a Radiation Oncologist when I grow up and God is good!


14 thoughts on “The Match

  1. Wow congrats! That’s so exciting. I’m so nervous for the boards – I can’t even imagine what a basket case I”ll be like on Match day in a few years. 🙂

    • Thanks! It is really exciting. The Match is terrifying, but it turned out for most people to be a lot of worrying about nothing. Just remember how awesome it will feel once you are matched!

  2. Congratulations, Trisha! I remember the CaRMS year well and when it was all over I reflected that I had no idea how stressed I had been ALL YEAR! Glad that is behind you. I will also say, regarding those people who did not get what they wanted, these things have an amazing way of working out. Eleven years after my class “matched”, I have spoken to almost everyone who didn’t match or got a program very low on their list. Without exception, every one of them has said that they are SO happy that the “bad match” had happened to them. Without exception. This has led me to believe either that humans are very resilient OR there is some magic in the Match and CaRMS just might know things about us that we don’t know yet….

    • Thanks! It was ridiculously stressful, so I am definitely glad to be done with the whole process. I know, things do seem to find a way of working out and I am sure in no time, we will all be thrilled with what we wind up doing. That is the magic of the mysterious CaRMS computer… Or human resiliency. Perhaps a bit of both!

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