Ancient Facebook and Paradise

So, I am not feeling overwhelmingly creative.  And I have seen a few awesome videos recently.  And I need to drive back out to the periphery this afternoon.  And I am lacking ambition.  So, I am going to share the video-based awesomeness.

Number one… A Social Network Christmas.  The pastor showed this in church today.  We are on week 11 of the E-100 series, reading selected passages of the Bible (5 per week).  This week, we struck new testament.  The pastor was talking about how we tend to gloss over the details of Jesus’s birth and such because we hear it all of the time.  But, really it is quite crazy.  The whole miracle of His birth, first of all. But not only that, the fact that it was significant enough that we actually know about it today.  Its not live people could call or text or even really send a letter.  There was an intricate sequence of perfectly planned and executed events that lead the Christmas story along and that made it known to us today.  This video is a portrayal of what it might have been like if Mary and Joseph and friends had Facebook.  A bit ridiculous, but quite awesome.  It really got me thinking about what it would have been like to be in their shoes at the time.

Number two… I have friends that are obsessed with Coldplay.  And I am quite serious when I say obsessed.  They are going to see Coldplay with us in Italy this spring.  And they paid to get front row seats… Seriously.  Anyway, one of them is a huge music geek like me and she found this fantastic cover of the song Paradise done by the Piano Guys and a guy by the name of Alex Boye.  It is an African rendition and it is the best Coldplay cover I have ever heard.  The Piano Guys do a bunch of other covers on piano and cello and they look so happy playing they make me happy just watching.  But, this Paradise cover takes the cake for me.  

I wish there was something profound to say.  But no.  Just the end.


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