Patrick’s Day

It is St. Patrick’s day.  Which means my Patrick is ridiculously festive… Because, of course, it is his day.

In this lovely very irish based city in which we live, it is a time of being drunk for the day, all-night parties and all of that good stuff.  Other people wear a lot of green.   We were downtown to study/prepare for small group today and there were gaggles of green-wearing people everywhere.

For Patrick, it is a great day to celebrate his Irish heritage and his name.  By wearing green.  And making me wear green (or if I don’t calling me a Scrooge, though that actually doesn’t make sense).

One year, Patrick tried to convince the kids in his after-school program that it was his day… A day named for him.  They were hesitant to believe him.

This year, he was hoping a bunch of people would be saying things like “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” so he could say. “Thanks for all of the well wishes on my day.”

Too funny.  So ridiculous.

So, in honour of St. Patrick’s day… Or, Patrick’s day… A list of the top ten things I enjoy about Patrick.

Patrick with a claw on a beach last summer whilst on full M family vacation.

**Warning: I get a bit sappy at times in this… Well, as sappy as I get, so if you don’t want to read about how a wife actually likes her husband, I suggest you turn away now.  But, for the sake of my blog stats and self esteem and Patrick, feel free to read on…

  1. He puts up with me, despite the fact that I am absolutely and totally bat crazy.  Really… I can come home and practically hyperventilate over a sink full of dishes and not knowing what to make for supper.  And he just can give me a hug and send me out of the room until the sink isn’t quite as full.  Most people would just have me institutionalized, I am sure.
  2. He loves kids.  Not that most people don’t, but he likes them way more than I do.  He actually enjoys working with them in mass day in and day out.  I enjoy working with them, but only one or two at a time.  He can take a hoard and throw a St. Patrick’s day party that is apparently epic or play along with a spy game that he didn’t know was even happening.  I guess he really is just a big kid.
  3. He will go to med school parties and not complain (too much).  And yes, this also includes lunches out with my school friends, who are generally all girls.  He may not speak much, sometimes looks nauseated or just plays with his phone, but he comes along and smiles.
  4. We often can exchange books or movies or TV shows.  Often is the operative word here… He does not love Gray’s like I love Gray’s (he calls it “sex with everyone in a hospital), but generally we can watch a lot of the same shows and exchange books and such.  It is nice.  Any guy who will watch Gilmore Girls with me is a winner.  Now, he does watch a lot of sci-fi and comic book based things that make me want to gouge my eyes out, just a little… But that is okay and very reasonable.
  5. He is more romantic than I ever will be (resist the urge to puke here).  I get surprised with surprises and flowers and cheesy emails.  And although most women would argue it is wasted on me, I do appreciate it.  Even if I sometimes make gagging noises in response.  One of our most common traditions that I really do enjoy is that when we are apart, we send each other songs and lyrics… Some of them are serious and others not so much, but it initially started as a romantic effort by Patrick.  We also always send “have a good trip” emails.
  6. Patrick values friends and family above most everything else, including his job or fun.  He makes an effort to visit his grandfather almost daily when we are home and he joins in on all of my family adventures, despite them turning into French conversations he does not understand or the excessive repetition that comes from Alzheimer’s.  He is the kind of friend who would give up his time to help out with whatever needed helping as long as he could somehow swing it.  He worries about people and cares about them deeply.
  7. He loves God and serves Him with a passion.  He always wants to improve his relationship with God and has a strong faith.  It was actually something that worried me about him when I first met him, because I thought he was a bit ridiculous.  But, in the end, it is one of the things that made me fall in love with him most.  I love his spiritual leadership and that he encourages me in ministry.
  8. Patrick is so encouraging and supportive of me, much like he is of our friends and family.  He has helped me to survive medical school.  He encouraged me to go to a summer program in the Netherlands, despite money being tight and me being nervous about leaving for a few weeks.  He prayed and encouraged me through CaRMS.  He mocked me and asked me if all of my worry made me any taller.  Just what I needed to hear.
  9. We are total opposites in a lot of ways.  Patrick is relaxed and calm and quiet.  I am quiet-ish… Until I know people.  But I am pretty high strung.  He makes me relax and wind down.  His fix for many things that ail you include baths and watching TV.  He is messy and I am neat.  The good thing is that with me around, he cleans more than he would normally and with him around I clean a bit less than I would normally (this is good so that I don’t waste excessive amounts of time cleaning, where he can help me).  He is a night person and I am a morning person.  Therefore, he gets me to stay up sometimes and go out with friends.  It also means that I always get tucked into bed because I always go to bed first.
  10. Patrick can be hilariously (at least to me) random.  He just says or does things sometimes that crack me up for hours.  For instance, this one time he dressed up as Dr. Who for a Halloween Party and in the middle of the party left and transformed into another Dr. Who.  When we are out, we have a game of “look who’s not wearing any pants.”  We bet on our friends (before we saw the HIMYMepisode about Lily and Marshall betting on their friends).  He is a lot like an old man with a weakness for big band swing music, rocking chairs and grandfather clocks.

    Patrick and I being cool cats with our sunglasses with one of Patrick's favourite things... A grandfather clock... Because he is kind of like an old man.

Thus concludes ten of the many reasons that I like Patrick and choose to keep him around (aside from our marriage vows).  The spouse is great.  Especially on “his day.”

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