Today at church, I was in the nursery again.  I love the nursery, even though I usually worry because I hate it when kids cry, especially other people’s kids who I don’t know well.  Also, I generally have a hit-me sign for minor disasters when I do nursery.

Anyway, today, the kids wanted to play with the bubbles, which have been a hot item of late.  So, I get them down only to discover that the “normal wand” is MIA and all that is there is a bubble pipe.  I don’t know if you have ever used a bubble pipe, but it is not the best for making bubbles that you can catch, nor is it great for sharing.  But that is what we had.

A bubble.

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At first things went fairly well, the twin brothers were just catching bubbles and such.  But then another girl came and they all started fighting over said bubble pipe and the small cup of bubble solution we had left.  Somehow one of them got a good volume of bubble solution in the face, which was amazing given the cup was out of reach (I am guessing the one wielding the pipe blew it in his face (I can’t figure it out, though I was right there watching).  And he was screaming bloody murder… And his eye was foaming (which in retrospect is a bit funny, but it is not funny when you have a screaming two year old).  It took forever to get all of the soap rinsed out and him settled down.

That was the end of the bubbles for the day.  And the first thing he told his mom when she got him was that he got bubbles in his eye. Oh yes.

I do have a point to this story.

First of all, bubbles are awesome!  I am 25 and I can still blow bubbles and have a time just like I am two.  There is something entertaining about little rainbow transparent balls that pop on contact.  I don’t know of many who, if given the opportunity would turn down a chance to blow and/or pop a few bubbles.

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Second of all, in life, we have bubbles.  Those things that are so awesome and fun and seemingly innocent and innocuous until they get in our eyes.  Then they burn and scare you.  And all you do is want your mom.  But, then once it gets out, you are content to move on and carry on with the bubbles.  Or they are just so awesome, you want to touch them, but they seem to break and disappear on contact.

Here on Earth, there are so many opportunities, so many things out there.  So many good and wonderful things.  We can still hurt ourselves or miss out if we take in too much goodness.  There is a such thing as too much of a good thing… too much sleep, too much food, too much money… They are all things that can eventually burn us or disappear in a blink of an eye.  I truly believe that God gave us so many good things and that we should be grateful.  But we also need to remember that, like bubbles, we are fragile, and so are the things we take for granted.  Life circumstances change in the blinking of an eye and things can seem to be over, but then we have more chances or more bubbles.

The bubbles illustrate for me both gratitude and caution.  Gratitude for what we have and for what can leave us.  Caution against diving into things that can hurt us and caution against the inevitable “pops” that happen in this life.

The awesome thing is that we have a God (or Heavenly Dad if we want to keep the analogy going) who can come behind us and blow more bubbles, give us more chances.  He can rinse the soap out of our eyes and convince us to play with something else when we want to curl up and stop everything.

That it what I learned in nursery from my two year old buddies and a half empty bottle of bubbles.  Strange the places you can learn valuable life lessons… If only the lessons weren’t quite so sticky.

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