God’s sense of humor

I am convinced God must have a sense of humor.  Really, if we can find things funny and if He made us, then shouldn’t He be able to get a kick out of some things too?

Can I get a “Hey Man?”

Yes, I said hey man… Because Patrick and I visited the church where the pastor repeatedly would seek out “Amens” but sometimes he used it in sentences that I found kind of out of place and it sounded more like “hey man.”  But it wasn’t.  At least we don’t think… Because all of the “amens” sounded like “hey mans” but they couldn’t all be…. I don’t think.  Now, when we seek out agreement with something, we occasionally ask each other for a “hey man.”

Anyway, that was a tangent.

Needless to say, I find a lot of things funny. And I want to believe that God does too.  He is all powerful and all knowing… So, he must know a lot of funny stuff.  Though, I suppose it might not be funny to Him.  At least not all of it. 

Look at the Bible.

Image via cartoonstock.com

Take Jonah for example. God got Jonah stuck in a fish for not obeying Him.  A giant fish.  I’m not trying to make light of not following God’s will and how God will redirect us… But, just look at the situation… How did He come up with that?  Then, to make matters even better… The fish does not digest Jonah, but develops some higher power induced indigestion and pukes Jonah out onto dry land… Conveniently where he needs to go.  How disgusting.  Best part (okay, the worst part) is that Jonah is still all stubborn and camps out to see God destroy Nineveh, even though his halfhearted attempt at sharing God with them worked.  There, God gave Jonah a plant (how nice) to hide under in the shade.  But, conveniently, it got ridiculously hot.  And then God sent a worm to destroy the plant.  And it got hotter. Yes, this shows God is vengeful and that He was teaching Jonah a lesson.  It also shows that things likely would not have been so difficult had Jonah just listened.  But then, there is the whole how creative God was in getting His message across.

Image via thebackpew.com

Okay, something slightly more recent… Check out Acts 20… Paul is preaching.  And he got a little long winded.  There was this guy name Eutychus sitting in the window who fell asleep (it was midnight in his defense)… Anyway… Never sleep in a window (at least without glass) because he fell out of the window and died.  But, Paul just pounces on him, tells everyone he is alive and they all break bread together.  This is kind of crazy.  But it helped to convince people and it makes for a good example of the power of God.   Still, really God, a guy falling out of a window and then the restoration of a life of a dead guy… Followed up by food.  So great!

Even today, I see how funny God is.  He prepared me to marry the guy that I mocked (seriously made fun of) for the first year I knew him.  We are moving to a city that we have both avoided for various reasons over the years.   Not to mention that He somehow blessed us with rent we could afford and a crazy landlord who is forever fixing something (or breaking it… We currently have no power in half of our home, but he is so jolly about it you just can’t get mad).

He made our bodies to have flowers in normal bowel cells on histology (see post here and here)… Kind of ironic given that it is one of our smelliest parts.  On MR sections of our knee, you can see a bunny, a gun barrel and a golf ball on a tee to localize where you are based on a single slice.

I believe that God is in control of the world but that we have free will to choose to follow Him.  As a result, I believe that some of the irony must be God-given… Like the fact that we are having -17 weather when the majority of Canada is having a ridiculously early summer.  I don’t see what is funny there yet, but it is a bit of cruel humor.

I realize that some people think it is sacrilegious to see God as a funny guy.  But, I am not mocking what He has done or His power.  Those things are huge.  I just think that sometimes he slipped in things (and because it is God, I have to believe intentionally) to make us smile or think twice and sometimes laugh out loud.  Because a good God wants us to be happy and in love with Him.


3 thoughts on “God’s sense of humor

  1. I love this post! God indeed has a sense of humor. :)) The verse that says “He who sits on the heavens laughs” while the nations rage.:) hahaha!

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