Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With… If I Played Hooky.

It is rainy and disgusting out (but fortunately not below freezing), so what a perfect day to partner up with the lovelies at the Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesdays. This week’s challenge is the Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With.

Given the lack of thrill that I am having in my current rotation, this is an overwhelmingly appealing possibility. But, I am such a goody goody that I would have to have an awfully good book to convince me to play hooky (or some other intriguing reason). Plus, when I take a full day off for any reason, I generally feel as if I wasted a bunch of time. Honestly, it will never happen unless I develop some sort of illness. However, in order to narrow things down, these are the top ten books that if it were socially acceptable, I would be willing to take a day off… At least the top ten that came to my mind first.

The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I loved these books and I have been meaning to reread them. And if I had a whole day with no responsibility to get away and read, I could make decent progress through the series. And it wouldn’t at all feel like I wasted a day.

The Anne of Green Gables Series by Lucy Maude Montgomery. No, I am not obsessed with this time period. I just really liked both series. Really. I actually wrote countless papers on Anne of Green Gables for various English and French classes. Been to the house. I am THAT person. But, I haven’t read any of this series since early university. So, if I had a whole day, I could refresh a lot of memory without wasting other new book time.

The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. So embarrassing. I read all of these books during my second year of medical school and it was mortifying then. But, despite the sheer ridiculousness of it all, I was so engrossed in them that each was read over a single weekend. So, these are just the medicine I would need on a day of nothing to keep me doing nothing.

The Chronicles of Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis. I have a book with all of the books in it. And it was lost, but now it is found. I spent part of a summer reading this during my breaks and lunches at work and it just takes you away from your world and into theirs.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Finally, a book that isn’t in a series. I read this in grade 10 English and read it in its entirety on a cadet trip (even though I was only supposed to read the first 5 chapters or something). I reread it at least two more times before we finished its analysis and papers as a class. I would love to go back and refresh my memory.

Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. It has been recommended to me by about a million people. A day off with one book to read as my mission would be a perfect occasion to get reading this in… Finally.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. I love this story so much. It would not take an entire day. But if I just wanted to play hooky for a couple hours or if this was an appetizer of sorts, it would be wonderful.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel. This was a book that I have literally read in a day. I love its layers and the adventure and philosophy to it all.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. I have recently seen so many book blogs written about this that I feel an overwhelming need to read this. It seems light enough to be a good one day hooky read.

Fail Nation: A Visual Romp Through the World of Epic Fails by Community. Or any of the other failblog inspired literature (not that I think it should necessarily be called literature). Though I would never pay for one of these for myself. They crack me up. Definitely good reading while being a rebel.

Well, that is my list of books I would read while playing hooky because they are good enough or are supposedly good enough to play hooky for. But, as previously stated, I am far too anal retentive for that.

I would also like to note that because this is theoretically about playing hooky, no medical books were included in the making of this list. That is a feat for me. I am proud.

What books would make you want to just stay home and read instead of working?

26 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I’d Play Hooky With… If I Played Hooky.

  1. Ooh, some of my favorite books are on this list. TKaM, Narnia, the Anne books, Laura Ingalls Wilder… I even like Twilight. 🙂

    I’ve never read Anna and the French Kiss either, though it’s been so adored in the blogosphere that I feel downright remiss. Maybe one of these days.

    Great list!

  2. “To Kill a Mockingbird” is my favorite book of all time.

    Because you have given me beautiful words to read and inspire me, I am giving you the “Beautiful Blogger Award.” Please follow this link: to find out why I gave it to you and how you can pass it along to other “beautiful” bloggers.


  3. Love, love, love to read! I enjoyed your “hooky” list.

    I read the whole Little House on the Prairie series to my kids when they were little. I think I enjoyed them as much as my kids did.

    Having been an elementary school Librarian for several years, I’m especially fond of good kiddie lit. Here are a couple of my favorites:

    Any of Kate DiCamillo’s books. She’s got several good ones, but my favorite is “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”. I highly recommend it. A lovely story, beautifully illustrated. I really can’t say enough good things about this book.

    Meindert DeJong has written some good stories. He wrote “The House of Sixty Fathers”, about a young Chinese boy who gets separated from his parents during the Japanese invasion of China (World War 2). He is “adopted” by a platoon of American soldiers, hence, the sixty fathers in the title of the book. Another favorite by DeJong: “Along Came a Dog”. Both of these books are poignant and sweet, great reads.

    Love Roald Dahl. Have you read his autobio, “Boy: Tales of Childhood”? It will give you an idea why he wrote the way he did. He had a very eccentric and interesting upbringing!

    Well, enough. It’s dangerous to get me started on favortie books.

    Blessings to you!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the list. It was fun to make!

      I haven’t read Kate DiCamillo’s books… At least not that I know of. I will have to pick them up. Or at least force them on my kids in the future.

      I have heard of “The House of Sixty Fathers.” But again, I haven’t read. I did read “Along Came a Dog. So good.

      I haven’t read Roald Dahl’s autobiography. I have heard snippets of it and want to get my hands on it somehow. Especially after I read a biography of Paul Farmer (a TB doctor most known for his work in Haiti) and learned that Roald Dahl’s daughter actually went to Haiti and worked very closely with Farmer and his organization. She talked to him a bit about her upbringing and such and it has intrigued me to learn more of his life. That and the book about the inspiration and making of the Willy Wonka movie (kind of but not really related).

      I am dangerous when I get started on books too. Ha ha.

      Thanks for reading and the lovely comment and recommendations.

    • Spring… Romance is in the air. I guess. I love your list. Especially “Room With A View.” It is yet another of the million books on my to read list. Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Italy trip works out!

  4. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite books! I would literally read in several times in a row when I was younger. I just reread it a few weeks ago, and it was just as wonderful as I remembered!

  5. Oh, it’s true though… as embarrassing as it is, I was also hooked on the Twilight series (pre-movie mania) .. though, admittedly, Breaking Dawn lost it for me.. didn’t care for that one, but I devoured the first three.. lol

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    Michele | Top 10

    • I wish I had started reading them before the movie mania… It might have helped me not feel as weird about the whole thing… Though admittedly I liked Breaking Dawn… The book, not the movie.
      Thanks for visiting!

  6. Loved the Narnia books as a kid, and am thrilled they’re being made into movies. Also, at the risk of sounding gay (which I am), I have to confess that I really enjoyed Anne of Green Gables too. I even had to make a stop years ago on a road trip to take a picture of the Green Gables house on Prince Edward Island. 🙂

    • I have really liked the Narnia movies, especially the most recent one.
      I don’t think there is shame in liking Anne of Green Gables. My husband likes it too. And he came willingly with me to the house on one of our last trips to PEI and was quite thrilled about the whole thing. It is good quality writing.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. This is so much fun! I haven’t been able to read much for sooo long. Just thinking of a day to play hooky and read blesses me. haha! What a great list! I loved the Left Behind series when I read it years ago . . .and all the series that Bodie and Brock Thoene have written. I’m so behind. . . 🙂

    • Oh, I haven’t read the Left Behind series. I had many friends who did and enjoyed them. I saw a few at the church library a couple months ago, but didn’t pick them up because I want to read them from the beginning.
      I find it difficult to get time to read too, though it is getting better now than it was previously. The thought of having a whole day to just read is pretty exciting to me too.

  8. Anna & The French Kiss is the perfect book to play hooky with. It’s so easy to get caught up in Anna’s life, with the descriptions of Paris and all the romance. Sigh, I’m swooning all over again.

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  10. your blogs are fun to read!! i would definitely say that, currently, ‘the happiness project’ is what makes me want to stay home and read all day. it’s awesome! thanks for writing. i’m enjoying reading (:

  11. I especially like the Chronicles of Narnia Series. Every time Aslan enters the scene, I get goosebumps. Thank-you for sharing your list of books. I always like to know what other people are captivated by. 🙂

      • It is interesting to know what other people are captivated by.
        I agree, When Aslan enters, it is pretty amazing.
        I quite love orange, which is why I chose this background. There were so many to choose from, it made for a tough decision.
        Thanks for stopping by!

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