Orange you glad?

Orange is my favorite color…  When I am pressured to choose a color.  Otherwise I might pick rainbow.

It is funny that my favorite color is orange, given I own more purple and green (and come to think of it, yellow) than orange, but I suppose that is more a matter of availability.  And because purple, yellow and green are probably my second, third and fourth runners up.

I spent a few weeks at a summer program in the Netherlands and it was during the World Cup.  I had a chance to revel in all kinds of orange bliss.  I was a happy person… Even if I don’t follow or understand soccer and hate crowds!

Woot! Go Netherlands!

Every pub in town looked like this... Including the one we went to for the game. Not the best place for someone who hates crowds.

I read a book once where the character associated orange with danger and thus it induced stress.  So sad.

Image via Wikia.

Orange is often a symbol of danger, this is true.  Pylons are orange.  I wanted my bridesmaids to wear orange, but the only orange fabric truly was pylon in color, so they shot that down.  Fair enough.  I didn’t want to get married with my two best friends dressed as pylons.  That is a touch on the odd side, even for me.

In the hospitals, a code orange (at least here) is a mass casualty event.  Which is the equivalent to epic busyness, bad things happening and potential chaos.  I haven’t been working when a code orange has happened and although a small sick and twisted med student bit of me would like to work one, the rest of me is quite content with the “peace” and safety of not having a code orange.

So, I guess I can see the whole orange-terror dichotomy.

Still, I do think that people discriminate unnecessarily against the color orange, if there is such a thing.

Patrick has a love for orange pop.  Which, like a small child, he often just calls “orange.”  On a side note, Patrick does not share my unusual obsession with orange otherwise.  Back to the story… He always wants to get orange pop when we go out to eat or to movies, but most of the time, these places don’t have orange pop, or if they do, it is only in a can (not the free refills fountain pop).  He has concluded that this is discrimination.  One day, he had a priceless rant en route to the movies that went something like this speaking as orange pop:

I am an equal pop.  If you shake me, do I  fizz?

But seriously, I love the brightness and cheeriness that comes with the color orange.  Looking at it makes me happy.  It is like sunshine and flowers all of the time.

Beautiful orange of sunset on the beach on PEI.

I try to sneak orange into all kinds of mundane things.  I had a great work bag/purse that was orange… Until it broke on my walk down the biggest hill of all when I was out in the periphery (sad, sad day).  I can’t seem to find a replacement and it was beyond repair (at least without paying as much as I paid to buy it in the first place).  My goal is to find a “nice” orange phone case.  I was given a stethoscope when I started med school as one of those “come back to work for us” incentives from my home province.  It is blue.  If I could have bought my own, I would have chosen orange.  A little piece of sunshine around your neck.  Maybe one day…

Image via

Plus, orange is also a smell that I am not allergic to and a food.  Though, I have to admit I dislike oranges in their purest form (a texture issue with the skin stiff).  Otherwise anything else orange is awesome.  Well, anything citrus is generally awesome.  Orange pop included, though my like of orange pop is nothing compared to Patrick’s.  Even Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.  I like them for the chocolate, orange and the whack and unwrap fun.

Orange is not just a great color or flavor, but it also stands alone in another category… Rhyming.  I have a pathetic inability to rhyme.  I think words rhyme that don’t.  And I don’t think rhyming words do rhyme.  I was good at English… Except rhyming.  I liked free verse poetry.  I avoided analyzing the rhyme pattern in poetic analysis.  I got by, but I have to admit, that I had to hide my rhyming disability.  Orange is a word that technically has no accepted full rhyme in the English language.  So, I can’t go wrong!  Sure it half rhymes with a bunch of words (porridge, for instance)… But its not a legitimate rhyme.  And I know it.  So, that is good.

Image via

I have to be honest and say that I also love orange because it is different.  I don’t know nearly as many people who love orange the way I know people who love purple or blue or red.  It just doesn’t happen.  I like being different.  I embrace it.

I have been told I am an “orange” person.  I am just far too positive and realistic and joyful for my own good, at least on the outside the majority of the time, even when I am being cynical.  I apparently make other people happy just by my banter.  I don’t always see it.  But, then I guess the color does fit.

What is your favorite color (if you had to choose)?  What makes the color awesome or fitting for you?


12 thoughts on “Orange you glad?

  1. I would have to say plaid… I’m colorblind and the right plaid matches everything! (I grudgingly spelled ‘colour’ wrong so I didn’t have to look at that underlining!)

  2. I used to like blue. I suppose you could say that was from my blue period.

    But now I my favorite colors are three, orange, yellow and red. Warmer. Richer. More fun!

    My husband is from Holland and we had a party at our house here in California for the World Cup match. Everyone wore orange. We had orange party favors and orange hats for all. We served orange soda and orange cupcakes with orange sherbet. We were very sad when our team lost.

    You probably already know this, but Holland is linked to the color orange because the Dutch Royal Family hails from the House of Orange (van Oranje). Your photo of Amsterdam made me smile. It’s a fun place to be when everyone is wearing orange.

    Great post! I’m enjoying your blog very much.

    • I used to like blue as well… And it literally was from my blue period (tween angst at its finest).

      I am glad you are a fan of warmer colours!

      That is amazing! The party sounds really fun. It was quite sad to see everyone when the team lost… But it was so much fun on the way. Plus, there were people there from almost every country at the same summer program, so a few of them were quite pleased with the result.

      I did know that about the Royal family, though I had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder. It was a very fun place to be when everyone was wearing orange.

      I am glad you are enjoying the blog! I appreciate the feedback!

  3. Baha, I have never seen an ode to orange (or any other colour) like this.
    I don’t like orange too much. Except in the sunset, then it’s stunning. I love the scent of orange though, and those chocolate oranges are diviiiiine. And that little cartoon is the cutest thing ever.
    My favourite colour is green.

  4. great picture of yourself! My favorite color(s) are in the yellow realm. I intentionally have several bright yellow t-shirts for work (I’m in construction) I feel like a male canary 🙂 It’s fun to add a little color to the work the orange stethoscope too

    • Thanks! Yellows are nice! The bright yellow t-shirts sound great. I have a friend who owns several bright green to work on a regular basis… PArtly because he likes the colour and partly because it drives some of his co-workers crazy. Colour really does add fun!

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