Pocketful of sunshine

The lovely ladies Kayla at Jars of Wonderful and NanaDoll at momtoldmetowriteabook nominated me for the Sunshine Blog Award!  I am very flattered and recommend following the links to check out both of their blogs.

This is pretty exciting because, I love sunshine, I like their blogs and awards are always a good time.  As a part of the blogosphere, I participate in these lovely awards because it really does help with the social aspect of things… I have found some lovely blogs through them.  Also, it makes for an easy writing day (especially when I am swamped with school and house work).  And it is nice to get a compliment and then pass it on to deserving folks.

The Sunshine Award comes with a few rules:

      • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
      • Answer 10 questions about yourself
      • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
      • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
      • Share the love and link the person who nominated you!
  1. I noticed that there aren’t actually ten questions about myself and considered briefly to use this as a cop out to not answer the ten questions.
  2. My least favourite household chore is vacuuming.  Because I am terrified of the noise vacuum cleaners make.  Thankfully, our current apartment does not have carpet.
  3. I am currently wearing a cow print apron and making cheesecake cupcakes for the MUN Med class of 2012 bake sale.  I am considering donating $30 and just eating my efforts.
  4. One of my best friends from home is coming to visit in just a few short days and I am ridiculously excited to see her.
  5. We are looking at getting a cat or a dog next year after we move.  Because Patrick wants company and because I have never had a pet besides goldfish (and Patrick).  We are doing this despite the fact that I may or may not still be allergic to furry creatures.
  6. I had two pet fish that I shared with my friend V at summer camp.  We named them Mac and Cheese.  Mac was bigger and we joked he would eat Cheese one day.  Then cheese got sick.  We are unsure if Cheese was dead or alive when Mac took the chunk out of him.  All we know is that Cheese was dead the morning we found him.
  7. I took what I estimate to be my 8th CPR course today.  My favourite part (for some twisted reason) is the alternating back slaps and chest compressions for conscious choking infants.  Please do not call child services… I just like the rhythm of it all.  On the dummys only.
  8. I feel like blog awards are kind of like chain emails.  I think in some ways they are annoying and pointless and feel guilty passing them on.  Even though they are created in theory for support and encouragement and community development.  I guess it is just what pops into my head.  And it isn’t even projection.  I like getting them.  And value giving them.  They are nice.
  9. I am currently about to start the last book of The Hunger Games series.  In a strange way, I am procrastinating starting it.  Partly because I am busy and partly because I don’t want to finish them.  Though I could just read them again…
  10. I have recently been suffering from insomnia.  Quite likely stress induced.  I am not very well adjusted to the whole not sleeping thing, so it is really strange to me.  I generally pass out within minutes of hitting the pillow and sleep until morning.  But not lately.  It is foolishness.  Sleep is so not overrated.

Fabulous and sunny bloggers you should check out:

  1. Sugar and Scrubs
  2. Views and Mews by Coffee Kat
  3. One Girl…
  4. Life of a Boiled Egg
  5. Gospel Apprentice
  6. Sensiblesusan
  7. My Blog
  8. This Joyful Journey
  9. Colours of Color
  10. IBTK
  11. heart to heart

Again thank to the lovely ladies Kayla and NanaDoll for the honour of the nomination and the easy post!  Remember to check out the blogs of all of the fabulous people listed!

13 thoughts on “Pocketful of sunshine

  1. Thank you for the nomination, and although I have just gotten it from someone else, I am honored that you would thing of me. Believe or not, twice is not bad! Last year I was nominated for the Leibster Award 5 x’s in two weeks.
    I know that some find it difficult to find the time and that is understandable, when you are so busy already it is hard to find the time for something that wasn’t what you planned, but I have found that it is a wonderful way to meet new people and find interesting blogs to read. I always love to check out the blogs that get nominated. Often I will find someone that I really want to continue to read.
    Plus, it is an honor for your peers to consider you worthy of a nomination. I sometimes tell people that when I nominate them, they are under no obligation to accept. They have to do what feels right for them and I don’t like to have them feel as if I am putting them under pressure.
    I will post a new post and link back, but it will be a few days. My sister is having spinal surgery tomorrow, and I will be with her. Please do keep her in your prayers and God bless you!

    • It is difficult to find time, but I agree, it is a wonderful way to meet new people and interesting blogs! Plus, it is such an honour to nominate. I like what you said about saying they are under no obligation to accept. That would make me feel better about nominating people, even when somewhere in the back of my head I wonder if it is a bother.
      Too funny about the x5 Leibster Award. Definitely a compliment for you!
      I will pray for your sister and you while she is in surgery! Take care and blessings!

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  3. Thank you SO much for your nomination!! Have actually been nominated for this one previously, but it’s happy to know you like my blog enough to pass the word on to others… arigato!! Can only imagine that yours has been chosen for awards over and over again… you bring such joy to people with your words!! 🙂

  4. This. “I had two pet fish that I shared with my friend V at summer camp. We named them Mac and Cheese. Mac was bigger and we joked he would eat Cheese one day. Then cheese got sick. We are unsure if Cheese was dead or alive when Mac took the chunk out of him. All we know is that Cheese was dead the morning we found him.” is absolutely hilarious.

    Thanks for the nomination!

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