Back to basics

I am not good at sitting in a classroom.

Not good.

I think I was good at it once, though if I really ponder the concept, I am not sure.

You see, right now, we Med 4s are in “Back to Basics,” which is quintessentially a review of stuff we learned in the four years of med school and the things that people missed in the curriculum.  It is supposed to help us prepare for our big exam at the end of the month, the LMCC.

The problem is that we have not been in a lecture theatre for prolonged time periods (minus academic half days, which were, at most 3 hours).  And, we have an exam coming up.  And we are mostly house hunting and grad prepping and such.  So, the focus is not there.

At least I am not alone.

I remember sitting in class in Med 1 and 2 and taking meticulous notes.  I sat near the front.  My slides were color coded… I was that person.  And the whole note taking thing forced me to focus.  I don’t want to take notes, given I know that I won’t read them.

So, I sit.  With my distracted friends and attempt to listen.  And then I text Patrick.  Or I check my email for the millionth time.  Today, I started doing exam practice questions.  I listen, yes.  But, it is not the same brand of listen that I had when I was young and keen.

The summary of what I learned today based on what I absorbed is as follows (in point form per section of lectures):

  • 2 hours of Forensic Pathology:  Forensic pathologists will figure out if you killed someone.  Especially by force (because when killing by force we use too much force).  Also, report reportable deaths or you can go to jail.  Lastly, remember the chain of events… Cardiorespiratory arrest is not a cause of death… It is death.  Something had to make the person arrest.
  • 1.5 hours of Financial Management (not an actual med school lecture, but a lunch and learn): Mayonnaise should not be on every sandwich.  We are in a lot of debt.  We will be in more debt before we are done.  How depressing.
  • 4 hours of Toxicology: “Drugs, drugs drugs, which are good, which are bad?  Drugs, drugs drugs.  Ask your Mom or ask your Dad.”  Public service announcements aren’t just cheesy, they taught me everything I need to know about toxicology.  Well, except how to fix it when people actually put things in their mouth (or veins, or lungs, etc.).   All chemicals/drugs in excess can do bad things.  People consume a lot of stupid things.  They should stop.  Read labels on your cold medicine before double dosing your loved ones on acetaminophen (been there, done that).  Monitor people.  They die or do strange things when you aren’t looking.


Now, I am home… Writing this post, contemplating supper and planning to hang out with friends tonight.  Perhaps I should study a bit first… Perhaps.

Oh, where has my motivation gone?  Why has clinical medicine sucked the joy out of classroom learning?

All I want to do is go home and/or go to the floor and treat these problems instead of listening to someone drone on for hours.  But,  I am learning and it is good review.  Just not exactly what my body seems to want.

I guess it is good I like my future job.  And that I want to be on the floors.

It is just bad that I have an exam in two weeks to cram for.



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