My Love of Farmers’ Markets

We are off on an apartment hunting adventure this weekend.

I also conveniently caught my first real cold in about 9 months.

We were out in the beautiful weather most of the day despite both of these statements.

This post is going to be really short.

We went to the Farmers’ Market when we got here to kill time before our apartment viewing adventure began.  I love Farmers’ Markets and this city has a particularly good one.  A big selling point for me on the city.  I went to it when I was here on elective and despite the fact that it was wall-to-wall people, I was so excited about the food variety and cool homemade products that  I forgot about my dislike for touching strangers.

To the market we go!

So, today, I took Patrick to experience the market.  He was a fan.  We even tried avocado fudge (which I hated as much as I hate real fudge).  We got breakfast and I had a latte and he had apple cider.  It was nice to relax an wander around.

I grew up in a city with a bit of a market.  Not this big or this local, but still a good sized one. The city I like in now is, well, lacking this kind of thing.  Mainly because farming is suboptimal given the lack of, well, soil and the abundance of, well, rock.  So, it is understandable that local produce is limited.  And then the lack of other stuff is probably due to the innumerable number of local shops downtown.

Needless to say, the convenience of such a market and the variety make it a great place to get some groceries, buy some breakfast/lunch and even do some birthday/Christmas shopping.  I love the multi task.  Even if I hate shopping.  Food makes everything better.

The other beauty of farmers’ markets is that they support local industry and agriculture.  That is a big perk.  A lot of the stuff is cheaper than in supermarkets (though I think my produce pricing is skewed because  I live on a rocky island) and definitely better priced than most restaurants.  And you know the person who grew/made it gets the profits.

So, that is my farmers’ market rant.  Try one.  They are fabulous.


2 thoughts on “My Love of Farmers’ Markets

  1. as a farmers market vendor myself, I loved this post. I personally love the energy of bantering with the customers when I’m there. We sell apples in season @ ours.

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