Aliens, instruments and ECGs

We settled (hopefully) on an apartment today.

So, we went to this lovely place called Jack Astor’s for supper.   I used to go there with the staff of the cadet camp I worked for.  And given I was from a city where we had no “cool” restaurants, this was pretty huge.  So, I introduced Patrick.

My favourite part of this restaurant is their sarcastic humour.

My second favourite part is that you can draw on the table.  We were limited to 4 colours, but this did not limit our fun…

I drew musical instruments (and a snail, that happened to get in the way of the trumpet drawing.

Patrick drew aliens and dogs and switched bodies.

He also drew a Titanic themed little ditty, in honour of the anniversary of the Titanic.  And it is so not politically correct.

I drew cabin in the woods on a beach.  You see, we were playing a game in small group last week and apparently some people think this is not possible.  But, it so is.  And it is my dream vacation.  Purple trees included.

I decided at another point to teach Patrick about ECGs.  It was thrilling.

Patrick also drew a ringed planet (Saturn, perhaps?) and a space ship to go with an alien that he drew me… That may or may not have switched the human and the dog… Clearly.

Who says grown ups can’t have fun?


2 thoughts on “Aliens, instruments and ECGs

  1. Drawing never gets old! If I was a politician I would point out that nowhere does it say Titanic on the ship but I’m not and the Titanic has been a lifelong obsession of mine……….long before the movie came out I might add!

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