Rhino… Wait for it… Virus.

As I alluded to previously, I have my first head cold in about 9 months.  Basically, since I had the peds sick (the multitude of infections that come with doing pediatrics).

This is actually pretty amazing because when I was younger, I was sick all the time.  The fact that I have survived medical school without many major medical misshaps is pretty much a miracle.  In fact, during clerkship, minus one bout of gastro, one viral chest infection and the peds sick, I have been well.  Amazing, given I spent every day in the hospital.

So, I spent the weekend being that person.  The person sniffing and hacking and blowing my nose… In public.  Because we were away and apartment hunting and heaven forbid I ruin our vacation more.  So, I just went out and spread the joy to everyone else.

Yes, I was that person you would cringe to be beside on the plane (partly because I had my LMCC studying paraphanalia spread out and partly from my virus shedding).  The person blowing their nose in the movie theatre (PS- Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is pretty decent).  And the person keeping you up at night hacking and tossing and turning (sorry Patrick).

I discovered NyQuil and DayQuil.  It is good stuff.   So is Buckleys.  I basically switched in an attempt to avoid decongestant-induced nausea.  But, it is the same no matter which formulation I choose.  Probably because it is the same base drug.  Worth a shot.

And just so you know, I don’t really believe in cold medicine.  They are basically bandaids.  Cold medicine makes nothing better.  Except you may think you feel better briefly.  I am not a fan of unnecessary medications.  And this weekend… The bandaid was necessary.  So necessary.

So, today, I took a sick day (well, it wasn’t really a sick day because I was not required to be in class).  I curled up with tea and Toronto Notes and DayQuil and listened to the sound of the landlord drilling (it’s not all perfect) and tried to study.  I must say, I am feeling a bit better from the rest… And fluids.  And the drug induced bandaid.  I also got very little studying done… Probably because I got rest…  That and all of the hassles coming from the apartment application have made me rather distracted.

I must say, I dislike rhinoviruses.  Especially when they rudely disrupt both my weekend plans and my study intentions.


4 thoughts on “Rhino… Wait for it… Virus.

  1. When I worked at an elementary school as a librarian it seemed like I was always sick. I got all 400 kids weekly at my desk, many of them coughing, sneezing, blowing their noses, etc. Rhino viruses are not my favorite animal at all.

    When I’m nursing a cold, I find that a couple of benedryl before I go to bed knock me out and even keep me from coughing. It also makes for some very weird dreams.

    Hope you are feeling better!

    • I am feeling much better, thanks!

      Kids love to share colds. I think as a general rule, when people first start working around kids, you get sick all of the time. There should be a disclaimer or something about that.

      I discovered that NyQuil has enough anti-histamine in it to do the same knock out trick. I agree, odd dreams, but better sleep.

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