When in doubt, choose FSGS and other review course wisdom

A few life lessons brought to us by the LMCC review course.

When you think you can’t be any more bored…. Don’t… Because you can.

Read directions. Because apparently despite being in school for the last 20 years of our lives, this is not always done.

No matter how old you are, when someone asks if anyone in the room is a “cervix connoisseur,” it is funny.  Especially when later in the lecture the lecturer belts, “hey cervix specialist girl, did you know…”  (Please note, I was not cervix specialist girl… Just an innocent bystander).

Image via googleimages.com

Coffee is both a blessing and a curse.  But, a great way to remember some kidney physiology…  Remember, drinking two large coffees in a morning equals disproportionate trips to the bathroom all afternoon… Thank you caffeine for stimulating increased renal glomerular filtration and the inhibiting sodium reabsorption in the nephrons… Thank you.

The more they teach us statistics, the less we, as a whole, understand.

Apparently we are going to be doctors soon…. Why didn’t someone warn us this would happen!?!?

Image via gigglemed.com

People generally prefer an x-ray to getting a colonoscopy!?  What odds!  This after we all agreed the first course of action would be colonoscopy and the gastroenterologist (in a very animated manner) exclaimed that is what he would say too, but an X-ray is a good first step, plus is a bit more pleasing to the average person.  Then, you think about it and well, really, who wants a colonoscopy first… Except the fee for service physician performing the test?

We had one of our first odds are you will all pass this exam pep talks.  Usually they are telling us we are stunned and someone will fail.  What a step up in the world.  We might all pass!

If all else fails, this portion of the infectious disease lecture will make you never want to eat at a chinese buffet again.  Thank you professor.  Because clearly we all have time at this point in our lives to cook our own food.

Don’t you put it in your mouth…

“Kids puke… Get over it.”  This in response to a heated debate about giving vomiting children oral fluid challenges first line.

When all else fails, if you are given a bunch of glomerular diseases in an adult choose FSGS.  It is the most common, so there is a decent chance you might be right.

FSGS... Which to most of us looks and sounds like many other glomerular diseases. Image via unckidneycenter.org.

The best part is that there is still two more days of this left… 9 to 5 followed by studying at home in the evenings.  Oh joy oh bliss!

6 thoughts on “When in doubt, choose FSGS and other review course wisdom

  1. Oh yes for caffeine. I’ve been off coffee for 18 months because it triggers my migraines. But for some reason caffeinated energy drinks are not so bad (like red bull). Still I usually avoid them. Not today. Oh no. And have I been on a buzz. And studying like a lunatic. And having too many trips to the bathroom.

    Good luck with the studying. You’ll ace it, I’m sure!

    • Wow, I am so grateful that caffeine (by some unforeseen miracle) does not trigger my migraines. But, energy drinks… Ugh… I can’t stand the taste of them (probably for the best).
      Thanks! Good luck to you too with the studying and such!

    • Haha! Glad to send you down memory lane. And ugh, histology, there is something about a slide on paper that makes them just that much worse than when they are just under the microscope.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

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