Extreme Bake Sale-ing

You know the show extreme couponing?  I have never actually watched an episode, but those people sound pretty intense with regards to their coupon practices.

Well, that would be my class and bake sales.

Tonight, I am baking for what will be bake sale number three in the past three weeks.  We are currently raising money for our graduation festivities… And one of our collective strengths seems to be baking.

Our school has this giant charity gala every year with gambling with fake money and there are a number of start up costs…. So, when we were in second year and running it, we bake saled (not a verb?) a lot to raise the money.

For some odd reason, the majority of us bake… And all of us seem to like to eat.  Which works well.

When you really think about it, it is a bit ironic… Med students baking a bunch of goodies to sell to people in the hospital.  Here, your future health care provider is basically trying to convince you to buy these sugary treats to fund their celebrations (well, this time anyway).  We ignore the fact that these treats are contributing to your overall obesity, diabetes risk, poor glucose control and pending heart  disease.  Yes, definitely turning a blind eye.

Either way, bake sales are a great distraction from studying.  Lots of discussion of what people are going to make.  I come home and threaten Patrick within an inch of his life for consuming whatever goodie I concoct (one of my school friends suggested instituting a “spouse inflation” for when people’s family members consume their bake sale food).  Most people (even the hard core crazies) stop from studying long enough to bake (or at least go somewhere good to buy) something.

Often there is something epic about at least a couple things in the bake sale.  The last one we had included brain cupcakes.  Previous to that, it was almost Easter, so we had duck cupcakes and marshmellow-eggie brownies.  So much goodness in one place.  The heck with primary prevention and hello mental health.

Tonight, I am making brown sugar fudge.  Which is ironic because I actually dislike fudge (more on that some other time).  But, it is not to difficult and fudge sells.

Despite the fact, I dislike fudge, I had an overwhelming urge to try the fudge… Straight out of the microwave.  My tongue is actually blistering.  Interesting.  Also interesting was that it wasn’t too bad… Not tongue blister worthy, but still not bad.

The recipe: 1 can of condensed milk, 1 cup of butter and 2 cups of brown sugar.  Mix them together and nuke at high heat for 10 minutes stirring every 2 minutes.  Allow to cool for 5 minutes, then mix with electric beaters for 5 minutes.  Put in a square deep pan and cool until solid.  Not complicated.  Not complicated at all.

In other news, we have other fundraisers. I just picked up my super cool class motto (P as in Pass equals MD) T-shirt, as visualized below.  These things were sold to all four years and raised a similar chunk of change to a bake sale.  Funny how things work sometimes.  

I would love to say I look forward to not fundraising anymore.  I said that after my undergrad raising money for class conference trips and InterVarsity retreats and my friends’ mission trips.  But, I am far to interested in non-profits and such to really get out of it.  I guess so long as I can bake, I will be happy.  It is kind of nice to be involved.   But, it is always preferred when I am not in charge (for instance, I avoided the grad committee with a ten foot pole to not be responsible for this stuff… I like to do behind the scenes stuff).


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