LMCC est fini!

Today I jumped what is quintessentially the final hurdle in my medical school career.  I wrote the LMCC part 1.

Well, actually, weather or not I cleared the hurdle is still up in the air until June.

And I still have part 2 in a few years and my Royal College exams in a few years after that.

But, for the time being, I like to say that I have finally finished medical school.  Because I have nothing else formal to do except graduate.  And return my pager (which I am doing tomorrow with the type of elation that only occurs when people give birth).

The exam today was ridiculous.  A big game of “what was the examiner thinking when they wrote this question” and “I am sure I read this once, what actually looks vaguely familiar.”  Yes, I know some things.  Probably more than I thought.  But still, no amount of studying could have prepared me for that.  No amount.

How I felt during half of the exam... Image via oncampus.macleans.ca

They tell you that the exam is dynamic and changes depending on how you are doing… Therefore, whenever you get a string of questions for which you actually know the answer, you (counterintuitively) freak out because clearly, if you know the answer, you must have been really stupid in the last section for them to give you the easy questions now.  And the reverse is not true.  When I would have a string of near-impossibly difficult questions, I would question my intelligence at not actually knowing the answer for a single one.  They say this is normal.  I say it is foolishness.

I have been told that, in general, if English is your first language and you trained in North America, you pass the exam.  Somehow.  I sure hope that is true.  And that I don’t wind up being a weird statistic.

Though, interestingly enough, failing this exam does not stop me from being an M.D., nor does it stop me from starting residency.  Basically it is more the humiliation of having to continue getting orders cosigned (which, in some ways isn’t so bad) and mandatory buddy call that keeps me hoping I passed.

Image via protectdirect.co.uk.

Bonus… I got free earplugs from the exam.  And given I don’t wear them, I get to give them to Patrick.  He actually asked me to get him some a few weeks ago to block out the construction noise and I thought he was joking… He wasn’t.  So, here you go Patrick, $900 earplugs.  Clearly your wife loves you that much.

Unfortunately, I had to give back the nifty Medical Council of Canada personal sized dry erase board and marker.  Apparently they can’t spring to let us keep those with all we pay.  That and something about classified information.

Tonight, we are going out to celebrate for supper.  And I get to pick the place.  Oh, decisions.  I am tired of choices.  No more choose one of the following or 6 of the following (but don’t choose wrong or we give zero).  Gosh.  Possibly some downtown with the school friends later.  If I stay awake that long… Feels doubtful.

It is strange, to be done.  I just thought I would be a student forever.  It felt like I would be.  And, at that, I basically have almost two months off.  TWO. MONTHS.  Sure, we are moving and then there is grad week and orientation and such, but that is still the most time off I have had in a very long while.  Fascinating.

So, yes.  I am done.  Hopefully, for good.  How exciting.

9 thoughts on “LMCC est fini!

  1. Yay! I was praying for you today and waiting to read this blog!! Sounds like a crazy test but I’m sure you passed! Have a good supper out and see you soon!!

    • Thanks! I sure hope I passed! And no, yellow really isn’t Patrick’s color, but when you see a pair or earplugs that expensive, one can’t be choosy!

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