Just a speck of dust inside a giant’s… err… iceberg’s eye

I am just a speck of dust inside a giant’s eye.  –I Like Giants; Kimya Dawson

Sometimes, I think things happen or we see something that reminds us that in the grand scheme of things we are very small.

Patrick and I were witnesses to something quite epic last week (and yes, I am just getting around to blogging about it).

We saw real icebergs.

And yes, I know I said we saw them before (refer to that post here) and the pictures showed them very small and far away, but these ice bergs were huge and really close.  In fact, they were so thrilling, I am going back to see them again and take more pictures with friends (translation: expect to hear and see more about the icebergs).

This particular berg was a “growler,” which is apparently very large, but has been downgraded to “small,” however, it is still enormous.  People have been climbing it (extremely dangerous, as icebergs can flip unexpectedly) and it has made the CBC news, as well as having likely thousands flock to see it.

What is so exciting about icebergs?  I mean, really they are just big chunks of ice that broke off and floated away.  And sunk the Titanic and many other boats.

The thing is, when you see them up close, it is amazing to think it traveled such a distance from either the glaciers in Greenland or the Eastern Canadian Arctic Islands.  Icebergs travel extremely slowly (estimated 7km per year at first and by the time they reach the coast of NL they are estimated to move at anywhere from 0.02 to 0.7km/h, though some, like the one we saw are grounded) and some of the ones that get down to where we live are possibly thousands of years old.  The icebergs slowly melt on their journey.  They are actually streaked with blue and white.

They weren’t what I expected. 



Looking at these miraculous chunks of ice surrounded by the rest of the island’s natural beauty is a strong reminder of how small we are and how brief our lives are compared to everything around.  It found it pretty neat.

Plus, now our living in Newfoundland experience is complete.

Check out this lovely website Cape Race has about icebergs for more information: http://www.caperace.com/stories/where-do-icebergs-really-come-from/.

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