I am not bored yet.

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What is relaxing, really?

I am on vacation.  A very long vacation between finishing med school and moving on to residency.  And don’t get me wrong.  I am so grateful for all of this downtime.  SO GRATEFUL (so grateful, I had to caps-lock yell the statement).

I am not bored yet.  This will be surprising to some people who know me well.

I am excited… Cabin with the small group this weekend, Europe with Patrick, visiting family…. Then, there is the whole moving thing.  Graduation happens somewhere in there.  All of this is great.

The thing is, I have been in school for so long.  And when I’m not in school, I work.  And when I don’t work, I volunteer.  And when I’m not doing those things, I am catching up on housework and people time.

I have come to the realization that I have no clue really how to have time off.

Not a bad problem to have.  And I think I am learning.

I somehow have finished the heaps of residency related paperwork (well, except for two forms that require proof that I graduated).  I cleaned the entire house.  I have spent time with plenty of key people.  And yet, I still have more time.

Mind you, I need to pack up the whole house (but that is on hold until we confirm movers and get boxes from said movers), do a few things pre-Europe, make arrangements for utilities and such in our new home and yes figure out the Rome portion of our adventure.  First world problems.  But, overall, that still leaves me with a fair bit of “what should I do now?” time.

You see, here is where the problem lies.  I have difficulty just sitting.  I can read a fun book or play Wii or go out for a bit.  But, then once those things are done… I get distracted and start trying to think of productive things to do.  I am really not good at this whole vacation thing.

But, I am not bored yet.

My Dad was convinced I would be bored by the end of the weekend.  I would say I am still not bored.  Just a bit concerned that I may turn bored.  Especially if I finish all of the productive stuff.  Which, if the movers settle our dates this week, is almost possible.  Not quite… But it could happen.

So, then what?  I have a ton of books to read.  As always.  I need to catch up on Grey’s and Bones and House.  Perhaps, I will take up a new show.  My goal is to master NHL ’09 and World Party Games on the Wii.  Learn more guitar.  Maybe play my sax and flute for the first time in ages.  All kinds of things to kill time while Patrick is out working like normal people.

It is ironic.  All I do when I am working week upon week is dream of vacation.  Now, I am on vacation and well, I keep making myself work.  Just in different ways.

For instance, I played World Party Games last night and unlocked three new games (I promise, that is a geeky as it sounds).  One of them actually caused me some arm strain and soreness today.  Foolishness.  In other creation of work projects fun, I decided to clean out my closet, which then turned into me sorting through jewelry and somehow rearranging all of my toiletries.  A simple trip to the drycleaners turned into a grocery trip (and a get McDonald’s for McHappy day trip… Even though it turned out that it wasn’t McHappy day, just an ad).

I will enjoy the time off.  While making it as productive and worthwhile as possible.  It is a learning curve, right?  Any suggestions for fun and relaxing things to do over the next week and a half amidst my make work projects?


2 thoughts on “I am not bored yet.

  1. not sure if you have time (or would even be interested) but Tim Hansel has written a book called “When I relax I feel guilty” It’s actually one of my favorite books..maybe you could run to barnes and knobles this afternoon, and find a copy 😉 just a random idea….I picked it up when I was in my late 20’s when I was trying to figure out how to balance my life. one of those books you can pick up and start reading anywhere and underlining large blocks of it. A trip to Europe?? very exciting. where are you hoping to go?

    • I have actually heard of that book before. I probably should get a copy. Thanks for the recommendation.
      But yes, a trip to Europe. We will be off to London, Paris, Rome and Torino in a bit over a week!

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