This funny place I live.

Lots of people find the place they live fairly colourful and interesting.

The place we live is no exception.  Namely the weather and the people… Oh, the buildings are colourful too.

Apparently, a bunch of people making memes all about this wonderful island and posting them on Facebook.

I thought I would share a few of the more humorous ones that everyone would get… Because I just don’t feel like writing today and am not near a computer to write.  All of these are from the Newfoundland Memes Facebook page.

Yes... It snowed 10 cm. That afternoon, we went for a walk to see icebergs... There was no snow remaining. All this happened on the last day of April. True story.

So true.

It is the face that makes this!

Borderline disturbing, but kind of funny.

This isn't a meme. This is legitimately a van that sells sausages currently parked downtown. And I may be a five year old, but I laugh at this every time.


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