Through the air, across the ocean, for the first time ever.

Do you know what Canadian moment I am sort of referring to?

Well, let me show you: 

Yes, the first trans-atlantic telegraph signal at our very own Signal Hill.

But seriously, Patrick and I are off on our European adventure today.  We have each taken a hop across the pond once previously, but on our own, so this is our first couple trip… And our first time to all of our wonderful destinations.

We are taking what I am considering “real vacation” and therefore, I am pre-writing most of my posts for the next little while with just short little tidbits, so that I can spend quality time with my husband and the beauty of another continent all the while maintaining my post-a-day content.  Plus, we are not bringing laptops… Post writing on an iPhone… Not so much a time.

I am so excited!


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