The hike

Terra Nova National Park was one of the places on our Newfoundland to do list.  We drive through it whenever we make the across the island trek to the ferry, but never seem to have time to stop.

This time, however, we were staying at cabins very nearby (okay, pretty much in the park), so when the sun miraculously came out, we decided to go for a nice 7km hike.

The hike was beautiful.  Lost of views of the ocean and lots of hiking through dense forest.

Though the trail had boardwalk type areas over especially damp regions, it was quite muddy from days of rain previously.  I hasn’t yet been cleared for this year’s season, so we found ourselves climbing over and under many fallen trees.

The trail ended at a nice grassy clearing with a small path down to a beach.  We enjoyed the beautiful ocean scenery, as well as a brook feeding into the harbour.  There may also have been some frisbee played… And the frisbee may have almost been lost to the ocean.

We posed for a group picture at the halfway point.  We are all very content.  We weren’t quite as happy looking when we came out.  But we were all glad we went and had a great time.

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