Why there is not a 5 post-a-day challenge.

This is not profound.

Or interesting.

In fact, this is the last post I am pre-writing for my Europe trip.  Which is weird because I also pre-wrote tomorrow’s post.  But it is a bit more thoughtful.

The thing is that I need to pack for the trip.  And continue packing for the move.

And I have, in the last week, written about 20 posts.  That is a lot for a week.  One a day is definitely what I should consider my max.  That is why WordPress does not have a 5 post-a-day challenge.  Because writing quality and motivation would plummet.

So, in random news… I love bubble wrap.  I bought some for our fragile small appliance and larger dishware and while I was walking out of Staples with the roll of bubble wrap in hand… All I wanted to do was jump on it. Or pop each one individually.  I restrained myself… So far.

Image via icanhascheezburger.com.

I also have a strange enjoyment of packing.  I don’t love it… Actually I hate it.  But, another piece of me.  The same piece that loves organizing everything we own is loving that packing is, in a way, organizing everything we own.  My favourite part is labelling the box after it is all full.  That and the tape dispenser.

The tape dispenser gives me a feeling of power.  Like I am sealing off little bits of my life.  *Cackles*

This is just like one of my little buddies (yes, I have two tape dispensers… But one is just on loan… This puppy is all mine!).
Image via theofficedealer.com.

I am sure post quality will improve again (or at least stabilize full of trip and grad pictures) once I return in a few days.  For now, I will continue to do my best to reply to comments and enjoy the trip.

PS- COLDPLAY tonight!!!


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