Approaching an end.

There are some things that just never end…

The stream of people coming into the emergency department.
Days of Our Lives.
Winters in Newfoundland.

And there are some things that end too quickly…

A good book.
Time with lovely friends.
Summers in Newfoundland.
A cup of coffee.

Although I feel like I have lived here forever.  I also feel like I am just getting used to it and don’t want to leave.  Though, it is most definitely time to head out.

We are really going to miss the lovely people.

Patrick and I were talking about how if God put this many wonderful people in our lives here, He can do the same where we head to next.  That is a big comfort.  Because we are really going to miss our friends here.

A crazy pose on our hiking adventure in Terra Nova with just a few of our wonderful Newfoundland friends (interestingly, only one of them is actually from Newfoundland).


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