Home sweet home

We got back from our European adventure late last night… Er… Early this morning.

It was a fabulous trip.  But, it was definitely one of those vacations you need a vacation from.  We ventured all over the place… Lots of parks and historic sites and museums. We ate way too much food and even got a bit of sun and swimming in (literally a bit… The clouds, cold and rain seemed to follow us).

Tonight, we are having a convocation celebration with the small group.  The weather is strangely summery here and given it is so gorgeous, BBQ and bonfires are in order.

It is always nice to be back home after a vacation.  First of all, laundry is much easier.  And your bed is yours.  And you know how to control your climate (ps… Just because you think it is too hot in a place does not mean the hotel thinks it is… We could only use air conditioning in one hotel (thankfully when the weather was the hottest), despite the fact that we could have used it in almost every place.  It is nice to not need a map to get around.  And not need a translator.  Oh, and cooking my own food is nice too.

But still, vacation is fun.

Unfortunately, reality will hit us like a rock… I already posted an ad to try to sell our washer and dryer and our heaps of moving boxes are a cruel reminder of the adventures to come.

Ah, home sweet home.


2 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. glad you guys had a safe trip and as Dorothy from the wizard of Oz put it…there is no place like home… we are kicking around the idea of a trip/vacation late next fall…there is definitely an art to taking a trip and coming home not craving another vacation to recoup from the first one. I remember reading not too long ago about your pending trip…boy life moves @ such a fast clip. DM

    • Thanks! There is definitely a vacation art when it comes to actually getting a vacation. This was not a trip where we practiced that art. It was worth it, though.
      I hope your trip planning goes well!

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