Treks and Towers

After a brief stop at our new home, we made our way to our old-old home… Where our family and home friends live.  1800 km later.  Quite a trek.

In other trek related things… Here are a few pictures of the Eiffel Tower.  We opted to not trek up it.  I was recovering from some ridiculous food poisoning I acquired in London and it cost a bit of money and the line ups were ridiculous.  So, we took pictures.  And looked at it.

People back in the day it was built thought it was either awesome or an eyesore.  I was in between.  It is cool.  But not as cool as I thought it would be.  Or at least not so beautiful that it is the prettiest thing I saw in the city.

We went back to see it again at night.  One of my goals on my Paris to-do-list was sit on a bench and see the Eiffel tower light up.  So we did it.  And the pending rain held up.  It was pretty beautiful.  Actually, I much prefer it at night to in the day.   Also entertaining were the rose vendors, one of which I watched haul the roses he was trying to force people into buying out of the garbage.  Nice.  

Also of note, they played epic music around the tower.  Like the kind that make you think something big is going to happen in a movie.  I think it was to make the tower seem more epic.

Oh, and there were armed guards with machine guns.  My inner innocent scared Canadian was quite disturbed.  That is a lot of security.  And somehow, it made me feel less safe.

Time to watch some sort of weird reality television about hot dogs with the family.  Oh, the stupid shows people make.  And how much more odd are we for watching?

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