A Birthday Wok

Today was my birthday.

I am not a big birthday person.

Partly because I hate being the center of attention and partly because bad stuff tends to happen around my birthday.  Chicken pox, other illness, deaths…. They have all happened.

Patrick, on the other hand, loves birthdays.  And he loves to make birthdays lovely for me.  So, he once blindfolded me and took me for a picnic in a park.  Another time, he and some friends had a big party.  And he always seems to take me out for a good meal and has some sort of epic present up his sleeve.

This year was no exception.

I got a wok.

Now, you may be saying, “uh, Trisha… A wok?  Really?  There are way better things to get as a gift.”   But I disagree.  I have been wanting a wok since we got married.  Really, I wanted one before.  And I didn’t have one.  I would see them in stores, say I wanted one but not want to dish out the money.  Then, we saw one on the aeroplan website.  Patrick snuck around me and ordered it to be delivered to my parents’ house.  So, I got a wok.  And I am so excited.  I can’t wait to get making a stir fry.

Given that all we have done lately is run around and see people, I wanted to do something low key.  And low key we did.

We had lunch with my parents and grandparents.  There, I was asked repeatedly how old I was, if I was married and if I had kids by my lovely, pleasantly confused grandmother.

We left there and went on a mission to go for a nice walk.  The first park we attempted is right on the coast.  And today was right in the fog.  So, we had to divert to a second choice.

The park we wound up walking around is a park that we go to often.  We camp there in the summers, we went on countless dates there and Patrick proposed to me there.  So, we had a good laugh people watching and walking down memory lane.

Part of the park from the lookout.

Part of the park from the same lookout on our engagement day… 4 years ago this November.

We made a swing by to visit Patrick’s grandfather who is still talking about his party on Saturday.  Then hit my favorite restaurant in the city… Thai Hut.  Madagascar 3 was the evening entertainment of choice (I am still singing “Dadadadadadadada daaaa circus…”).

We are now watching game 6 of the Stanley Cup final.  I like the underdog, so I am rooting for New Jersey (in case you cared).  So, I am going to pay attention to that for a bit.

A lovely birthday with some lovely people.

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