Field Trip!!!

Field Trip!

When I was in school, I loved field trips.  To be honest, I still do love field trips, though now my school trips consist of adventures for take-out or visiting a strange new hospital.

Today, Patrick and I went on a field trip with my friends V and M’s third grade classes. We went to the park for a nature scavenger hunt, a wagon ride and had a picnic lunch.  Oh, and ate surprise DQ dilly bars… Definitely a highlight.

We were warned that these kids were gems.  Fairly well behaved, friendly and a bit random, they would be a good time.  They delivered.  In their first year of full French immersion, these kids chattered on in French better than Patrick can (in his defense, he never did French immersion).  One kid is always hungry… And is definitely hungrier than you.  A few others always need help with something… Mainly to check in to see what the adults were doing.  But, they did their work and efficiently hunted out leaves and seeds and spider webs (best part was, one of the teachers is deathly afraid of spiders).

The wagon ride was great because it was guided.  So, we went along a trail with the flags from each Canadian province.  The funny part is… The kids haven’t really learned their provinces yet.  So, aside from the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia flags, their answers to, “where is that flag from?” varied from random provinces and cities to things like, “USA” and “Mexico.”  They made for a good laugh.  We learned that a chunk of the lakes in this park were hand dug by prisoners.  We also saw a duck, and one of the kids started shouting, “It’s a submarine!”  And everyone loved when they emptied the horse poop bags at the end of the trip… Loved it.

One of our other friends brought bubbles to play with… Those coloured bubbles…  Yellow, pink and purple.  Patrick, she and I played with them while the kids ran around and tried to catch them.  We were all a bit more yellow, pink and purple on the way out compared to when we arrived.  Hopefully their clothes aren’t as well.  The bubbles had a warning not to use indoors or in weddings because they may stain fabrics.  Awesome.

We had a good laugh because the kids were excited about everything, especially the horses.  You can’t help but think back to when everything was so new and exciting for us.  I think it is good to see their reactions.  It helps me to remember that the same park I went on field trips to is still cool (though the new playground is way better than the one I grew up on).

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