Hanging curtains

I think all windows should come with built in blinds.

I know, this may result in hideously ugly window treatments and potential health hazards with dust and mold build up.  But, have you, in the heat of summer tried to hang curtains and blinds?  I am sure you have.  And it is not fun.

I grew up in a house with ceilings that were freakishly low.  Like so low my mother once cracked her head open on the living room chandelier.  And people over about 6’2” have to intermittently duck.  So, whenever curtains or blinds are being hung, it was a struggle, but not a war.

Image via wattsupwiththat.wordpress.com.

The new apartment has very tall ceilings.  Well, I think they are tall.  Most people would probably call them, well… Normal.

And there is some sort of cement/other impenetrable substance around the windows, so that you have to attach the curtain rods/blinds further out than you may anticipate.

Thankfully, my percussing skills rock.  Clinical skills do have some use outside of medicine.

Percussion helps you to differentiate solid/fluid versus air. Useful on both chests and walls. Image via meded.ucsd.edu.

Despite percussing out where the really too solid areas are, without going into the not solid at all areas, the whole screwdriver coordination while standing on a step stool and stretching as far as I could was still not going well.  Patrick thus became the key manual laborer.  He was better at that part than I am for sure.

Halfway through, we concluded that perhaps, we should invest in a drill.  We aren’t really the power tools types, but maybe that is a power tool we could make use of.  It still probably wouldn’t fix our problems.

The thing is… I have crooked eyes.  Despite my OCPD (obsessive compulsive personality disorder) and such, I struggle with hanging things straight.  I notice really off things and hate when patterns are off, but straight lines… Not my skill.  Patrick is not big on paying attention to detail.  As a result, it took multiple tries to get the curtains straight.  Or at least straight-to-us.  Hopefully if any well-intentioned house guests point out their crookedeness, they also offer a miracle solution… Like them fixing it.

Image via marcylytle.blogspot.com.

Despite plugging away for an hour and a half, we still have two more windows to cover tomorrow… Ick.  I like to think we are improving, though something tells me that it is more denial than anything else.  It got to the point that I decided we don’t really need blinds, just curtains in our bedroom… Well, the struggle to put them up and the fact that I mis-measured and will have to return them for a different size… Ugh.

I mean, I can pass the LMCC (PS… This was a clever ploy to announce that I passed the exam of death, the LMCC… My initial sentiments post exam were not quite that optimistic (see here)), but I can’t hang curtains.  At least not well.  The only cross over is percussion.  After that… Epic fail.

Image via cartoonstock.com.

Tomorrow… We acquire our bedroom set.  Yay grown up beds!  Now, if only the rest of our furniture can arrive, we will be sailing (like the tall ship we saw from our balcony during supper tonight).

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