What, might you ask, is a 300,000-iversary?

Well, that is what we celebrated yesterday… And the festivities continue.

You see, yesterday, our lovely car, Jag, reached the 300,000km mark.  Quite a milestone in the life of our little car.  We were just driving along on our new usual trek between home-home and our new home and it happened.  The event that the guy at the Mazda dealership in St. John’s has been looking forward to with shock and awe (seriously, Patrick joked about calling them).

Jag got all decked out for our wedding day. We drew attention… So did Patrick’s uncle telling the strange man pictured here at our window that we just got married. So, he came to congratulate us. Not my favourite Jag adventure in the last 300,000km. But a funny one.

Anyway, today, if Jag survives his motor vehicle inspection, we are taking him for new license plates and a good bath.  How festive.

300,000km is a lot of driving. Most of which was done by my parents when they owned the car prior to us.  We only put on the last not quite 100,000.

Interestingly, people have driven around the world. The route is more roundabout… Jag would have only done this one about times. Image via apple.copydesk.org.

I decided to look up what and where 300,000km would get us.

300,000km is the distance light travels in about one second.  It is 186,411 miles.   Almost 7 times around the earth, apparently, if the circumference of the earth is 40,075km.  300,000km is almost to the moon… Almost, but not quite.


Happy 300,000-iversary to Jag.

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