Exciting and orientation… Not in the same sentence.

Apparently, today was the second most exciting day of my medical career.  At least, that is what we were told repeatedly.

I disagree strongly.  But, more on that later.

Today was my first day of residency.

Okay, not quite.  Today was orientation day.  My first official day of residency is not until next week.  But, this is kind of like the first day.  And, many of the presenters acted like it was the first real day.

Honestly, it was fairly boring.  Lots of presentations about policies and procedures and things like how to work you pager (ugh).  It was just as stressful as starting med school, but not quite as depressing.  One of my first med school orientation talks included a rant from the academic dean about how we were all in the top 10% and now we aren’t because it is all a curve.  He also talked about how we would almost all fail something and such.  Comforting.  This orientation consisted of an hour on what might happen to cause us to fail or borderline and what actions can be taken against us, but overall it seemed a bit more optimistic.

I was nervous even though it wasn’t the first real day.  I get really nervous when around new people and even more so when those people know each other.  There are only 5 people of the 140 residents that are from my school, so it is intimidating to say the least.  Patrick assured me that I would make friends.  Because I always do.  He reminded me that during my med school orientation, the first person I met became a good friend.  And she slept on my shoulder just hours after we met.  Other than the sleeping on my shoulder, this would be awesome, at least in theory.

I instantly broke the ice with myself, at least psychologically, when I tripped up the stairs to the medical school building promptly after Patrick dropped me off.  I even lost a shoe and had to run half barefoot to collect my missing shoe.  I was embarrassed, but then realized that I can’t be any more awkward than that inside.

It was fine.  I found my school friends and chatted with them.  I met a couple new people.  I got some free stuff.

Patrick went to a spouse information session.  He said it was encouraging.  And he was excited to report there were other men there.  Always thrilling.

Tonight, to recover from the boredom that was today, we went on a harbor cruise.  Really, it was a booze cruise if you want to get technical.  But, there was also pizza.  The day turned out to be gorgeous, despite the fact it was rainy and foggy this morning.

After the cruise, Patrick and I hit up Cows ice cream for two overpriced butdelicious cones.  We got to eat on the boardwalk and enjoy the sunset on the water.

Not a bad day for what is apparently the second most exciting day of my medical school career.  I would argue that starting medical school, matching, graduating from medical school and several other occasions outweigh this occasion…. Significantly.  But, whatever they say.  You see, really, the most exciting day of my medical career was getting accepted into medical school.  It was all downhill from there… Just kidding.  But, today is way downhill from that and the other aforementioned events.

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