Remember this one?

Patrick and I are watching a rerun of one of our childhood favorites, The Littlest Hobo.

Now, who remembers that?

It was a good one, but apparently, not everyone does.  We forgot that it is a Canadian sort of show and that you needed to be alive in the late 80s to have the full experience.

The premise… A dog, a lovely black and white German Shepherd, is quintessentially homeless and wanders from place to place somehow managing to stay well fed, groomed and not hit by a car. In every episode, the dog befriends some sort of stranger and manages to help fight crime, save a life or do something good for the people.  The people in question almost always want to keep him, but he runs away again.

In case it seems fuzzy, here is the theme song.

At the age of 4, this show was awesome to me.  At the age of 26, it is still awesome, but really, really cheesy.  We like to predict the actions of the dog and people.  Especially because the dog is smarter than almost every person.  So, we still watch it from time to time.  It is a good laugh and a bit entertaining.

I had a few other TV shows that I loved when I was a kid that I still watch now when they are on, like  The Cosby Show, Full House, and Who’s the Boss?.   All of them are a bit cheesy or different, but I still like them for the memories and laugh factors.

Do you have a show that reminds you of childhood?


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