Festive on Canada Day

Today is the birthday of my home and native land (to quote a piece of the song).

It is Canada day and although I am not a particularly festive person, I am strangely festive today.  Not that I am normally, but this is a bit of a freak accident.

This morning, I showed up to church in full on red and white.  There, I was complimented by a sea of people on my festiveness.  “What festiveness?”, I asked.  Well, the fact that I was wearing red and white.

This, however, was unintentional.  I merely picked out a dress that I liked for church.  And it happened to be red and white.

I stuck out because for some reason, I was the only person in the entire choir dressed so festively.

The bandanas on the choir were kind of like the one on this dog, but not quite the exact same. Picture 30ish people, the youngest 16, the oldest 80ish with the mean age being about 70 wearing these suckers.
Image from thimblesbobbinspaperandink.blogspot.com.

This is unlike the year that the entire church choir was forced to wear matching Canada day bandanas.  I am glad that hasn’t happened again.

On another note… Did you know the anthem O Canada actually has four verses… Not just the one that we sing everywhere, but four more.  The same year we had matching bandanas, we also sang the sucker in its entirety.  Be glad we only us the one verse.  Be very glad.

It was also the Child’s wedding shower.  Okay, it was her third shower.  But nonetheless, it was after church.  Her colors are black and red.  And, in this case, everything was again red and white (because it is difficult to come by black stuff this time of year).  She joked that everyone would just assume they were being festive.

Tonight, my cousin’s band is playing in a music festival thing on the boardwalk.  There are many other bands and fireworks.  Patrick is obsessed with fireworks.  He once left a party by himself to go see the fireworks.  So, we are going to said festivities.  They are technically for Canada day, so again, we are being festive.

I am not against celebrating.  I love this country we live in.  Heck, I travelled across this monstrosity for the CaRMS tour and loved the places I saw. I am grateful that we are free in this place to choose where we live, who we associate with and what we believe.  I just find it funny that we only celebrate on one day.  And that on that one day, we generally party like fools.  I much prefer to just be grateful all the time and skip the foolishness.

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