It happened at Starbucks

I am a bit of a Starbucks junkie.  Self admitted.  I really, really like it.  But, then again, I love any café that has delicious lattes and seating that is conducive to me camping out to study or chat with my lovelies.  But, my nearest comfy coffee place for the last few years has been a Starbucks and thus, I have had a few unusual adventures there.

One of my first Starbucks experiences was while at a conference in San Diego.  I had only had frappuccinos (iced beverages) to this point and that was precisely what I wanted.  I convinced the guys I was with to stop on the way to our 8am session while I went into the very crowded Starbucks to get my drink.  Somehow, when the drink came out, it was a caramel macchiato… Not a mocha frappuccino.  And I tried to tell the girl at the counter this.  She became rather agitated with my statement and said that she received no such order.  After a minute of debating, I gave up and emerged with my foreign new drink.  Though I loved it, it was not what I wanted.  I then learned that you have to watch to make sure people take your drink order properly and that newbies should avoid Starbucks at rush hour.

Another interesting thing that seems to happen to me at Starbucks is that I find the most unusual desperate guys.  Perhaps coffee shops are great places to pick up women, but married women aren’t so into coffee shop guys.  Nothing is more thrilling than peacefully studying when someone borrows your pen and tries to use this as an opener for conversation (pro tip… Don’t disrupt people with headphones in, surrounded by a laptop and several textbooks that are entitled things like Case Files for Family Medicine and Toronto Notes.  As much as I like breaks, that is not the sort of interruption one wants.  And, when they say they need to head home and don’t have plans, that is not an invitation to ask if they want to go for supper.  My husband does not like me going to supper with strange men, just saying.   Also, if a friendly person gets in line behind you and does not have a “stupid newfie accent” (his words, not mine) she does not want you to buy her drink, even if she is a poor student.  You put her off by judging all of her friends with accents.  Lovely jolly accents.

There is a vast selection of drinks at Starbucks.  I get that.  It can take me ages to make a beverage decision.  But, I make a decision.  Before I get to the cashier and can’t make up my mind.  Please don’t inquire about every ingredient in every drink only to get a hot chocolate.  And then, please don’t take my coffee because it came out first.  Listen to the people passing out the drinks.  Listen!

My name is Trisha.  Just Trisha.  So, it is not uncommon for people to misspell my name in most places.  I am well adjusted to this.  It was misspelled in my high school graduation program, a certificiate I got in my undergrad and by countless friends and teachers.  As a result, one of the most thrilling things that happens to me is when people spell my name correctly on my drink.  It is like giving me a free drink, I find it that thrilling.  There is value in the simple things.

I find people who have really crafty drink orders fascinating.  We have a couple friends who have designed very delicious and specific frappuccinos and other beverages that I copy very rarely because I always forget the sequence of ingredients.  But, as a result, I appreciate the quality of a good personalized drink.   I am eavesdropping on what you are getting.  Be creeped out, be very creeped out.

Have you had anything especially interesting, exciting or just bizarre happen to you in a coffee shop?  Also, any delicious drink ideas?  Do tell!


3 thoughts on “It happened at Starbucks

  1. starbucks is also @ the top of our list for places to go…I am a dark roast./ no sugar or cream sort of guy…I LOVE The smell of dark roast. we’ve been known to stay there until they are ready to close…lost in good /deep conversation with a friend…felt like we were closing down the bar (it’s been years and years since that happened/ probably more years than you are old) 🙂 it was a good feeling to talk and feel we were in a bubble of friendship.

    • I love having a good chat with a friend and closing down the coffee place. Except, sadly, often I am in bed before the coffee place closes. Glad to know someone else loves the atmosphere (and the coffee) as much as I do. I do like a good dark roast… But I need a little something, at least a bit of milk to ever so slightly tame the stuff.

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