Just like Mom and Dad

I think most people would agree that at some point in their teens and early twenties, they vow to never be anything like their parents.

I sure did.

And now, that is a little funny.  Because in some ways, Patrick and I are just like them.  And that is okay now.

My parents have this thing where they really like to go out for drives.  Like, really.  In fact, they do it regularly, just for something to do.  They will just get in the car and go somewhere random just because and then turn around and come back.

When I was a little kid, this was cool… Then, it got lame.  But now, it is cool again.

They say that some people smoke and others drink and still others shop or go on expensive fancy trips… They drive.   And eat.  But mostly drive.

Patrick and I both grew up with parents who drive.  My parents, however are renowned for their driving… er… habit.  And I think we learned from them that driving is entertaining and relaxing and yes, fun.

Even when we were first dating, we would go for drives.  We would play this game where Patrick would pick which direction to turn and I would go and we would see where we wound up.  We still do this… It turns out, it is way more adventurous when we are living in a new city than it was within the confines of our hometown.

There is a reason why Jag is now well over the 300,000km mark.  Adventures are to be had.  There is just nothing more fun than getting in the car and going (okay, there are a few things more fun, but it is a pretty good time).

It wasn’t until recently we realized we are just like my parents.  We went for a drive to one town and decided we wanted ice cream.  But somewhere else.  So we hopped on a random back road and went to another town… A half hour away.  Just for fun.  To see what we can see.

As we are driving along the road, Patrick looks at me and says, “We are your parents.”  Why yes, we are.  We are also like my grandparents… Who also still go for drives, though they are usually just within the city these days.

And that is fine.  My parents have been married for more than 30 years.  They are happy.  They are pals.  They are attached at the hip.  And it works.  I hope we are the same in 30 plus years.

3 thoughts on “Just like Mom and Dad

  1. your mom does not look that old…you guys could be sisters…I’m serious! 🙂 yea, and as far as driving around just to see what you can see..we do that too once in a while.

    • She will love that! Ageing gracefully is a skill that women in my family seem to have (well, they all go grey young, but a little dye fixes that right up).

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