The Problem With Great Weekends…

I had a fabulous weekend!

I was honoured to be a part of the Child’s wedding.  And it was a lovely wedding despite the crazy mishaps and misadventures that preceded it.  But, more on that tomorrow…

You see, we had to drive home for the wedding after work on Friday.  So, after a full day, we drove the fourish hours home.  Slept for a few hours.  I woke up bouncing off the wall because “The Child is getting married!” and went off for hair appointments, wedding festivities and then danced the night away (well, until about 10, when we retired to another two hours of hanging out with old friends over cats and stories).  Today was church and visiting day followed by another four hour drive back.

I still have reading to do for work.  I need to learn the lymph node drainage of the breast.  And the CT anatomy.

I need sleep.

The weekend was amazing.  Again.  Amazing.  But, I need sleep in a bad, bad way.


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