The Child’s Wedding!

As I previously alluded to… This weekend was the Child’s wedding.  And no, she isn’t a real child.  Just my figurative little sister whom I call the Child.  Always.  As a term of endearment.   In fact, her husband called her the Child, as do many in our circle.  Until they started dating.  And we all agreed it was more creepy than anything for him to continue calling her the Child.

Back to the topic… It was their wedding.  And it was lovely.  I couldn’t be more happy for them!  The ceremony was wonderful (once we actually got started… more on that in a minute) and the reception was a great time.  Plus, they are awesome people.  Who are more awesome because they are now married.

Now, their wedding constitutes one of the weddings that I think may be able to break a record for the number of things to go wrong.

To start, we ordered our bridesmaids dresses… The first set of bridesmaid dresses from China.  They come in a ball.  It sounds a touch shady, but the ones we ordered for V’s wedding were fabulous.  These ones… Not so much.  They all were weird shapes and didn’t fit people properly.  Except mine.  It fits.  And we couldn’t return them because they were custom fit.  So, she had to scramble to get some friends of ours (lovely church mothers, they are) to make the dresses for all 7 of us in the bridal party, yes 7 (there may also be an argument that the vast number of people in the wedding party was the first thing to go wrong, depending on who you talk to).  The second round of dresses were beautiful.  And the last dress was finished just the night before the wedding… EEP!

There were giant moose heads in the reception hall.  That soon turned into a bonus when they decorated them as bride and groom… Awesome.

Bride moose sat right above us.

The hair dresser’s husband reported that she stopped doing hair a week before the wedding.  This was when the maid of honour was calling to confirm.  Because she had said she would do the hair for months.  Thankfully, they found another family friend to do the hair.  She butchered it.  The Child cried her hair was so bad.  She got it fixed for free at another place in the mall.  Another bridesmaid had to get hers fixed at the mall.  The maid of honor did the rest of our hair or fixed it after the hairdresser butchered it.  And she paid in advance.  Epic fail.

The Child’s engagement ring is a reset version of her mother’s ring.  A week before the wedding, one of the claws broke and she lost a diamond out of it.  She had to find a place to fix it in a week.  They did.  But it was close.

Just a couple days before the wedding, the zipper in the back of her dress broke.  And again, frantic running occurred, but somehow the dress was repaired.

One of the bridesmaids got suddenly unwell just before the wedding.  So, things were delayed from starting for about 10 minutes while we waited for her to recompose herself.

The flower girl.  Who was basically a giant ball of fabric.  Really, really cute black fabric screamed down the whole aisle.  Screamed.  But it was super cute.

The ceremony. And yes, the date on the bottom is incorrect. Patrick used his very old camera. If the date were correct the Child would have been about 15. And that is not okay. Not okay at all. Because then she would have actually been, well, a Child. That was the year we met.


We were supposed to have outdoor pictures.  Thankfully, the weather forecast had anticipated rain, so they purchased umbrellas for the wedding party.  Then, it looked like the day had improved.  It was even kind of sunny.  We were about to leave the church when it started to rain buckets.  BUCKETS.  And thunder and lightening.  And wind.  Needless to say, pictures were indoors.

Ah, inside pictures. With sunglasses. We are super cool.

We lost the best man just before the reception.  This was a known hazard based on who it was.  But still.  He went MIA.  He reappeared shortly after people started eating.

Despite all of the havoc and the number of times we said, “nothing else can happen,” things went very well.  And I think it simply means their honeymoon and married life will be that much better.  That is my internal theory anyway.

Ah, happiness. Official start. First dance to an awesome song. “Revelation” by The Wedding. Refer below for the amazingness.

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